Put Spring on Your Plate

The shift in seasons brings a timely change for home chefs. The weather always inspires and influences what we create in the kitchen. Now is the perfect time to start enjoying the many dishes that bring spring colors to our plates and build excitement for the warmer months ahead.

Look for seasonal produce

If you live in the northeast, you aren’t just welcoming spring, but also fresh, local produce. After a season of heartier dishes, tender greens, asparagus, and other spring vegetables are colorful ingredients for the lighter meals we’re seeking. Unlike the slow cooked dishes of winter, the best spring dishes come together quickly, giving you more time to savor time outside with family and friends.

Yet, when the sun sets on an early spring day, it’s followed by an evening that still has a bit of a chill. This calls for warm meals that still say “springtime”, like bright pea soup or equally colorful arugula pesto. If you still crave casseroles or a dish from the oven, try a lighter pasta bake or roast this maple salmon dish using syrup that’s in season.

Make small shopping shifts

Incorporating the season in your menu begins with small shopping shifts. These ingredients can help you develop dishes that taste like spring. Guiding Stars can help you easily find nutritious options:

  • Microwaveable grain pouches: serve warm or cold with added diced veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds for a quick side.
  • Frozen produce: use frozen vegetables for a quick quiche or stir fry. Frozen fruit blends a smoothie perfectly.
  • Low sodium canned beans: rinse canned beans and create a plant-protein rich side, mixed with frozen produce like corn or edamame. Or, simply add them to a green salad.
  • Frozen shrimp: a convenient way to add protein to a variety of dishes. Simply thaw under cold water, coat in olive oil, and grill in minutes.
  • Fresh pizza dough or flatbread: roll out and cook right on your grill.

Shop using the Stars

Guiding Stars doesn’t just help you find nutritious foods, you can also use the stars to make beverage choices that support good health. Load your shopping cart with water, seltzer, coconut water, and other Guiding Stars earning beverages. Or round out your spring day with a nourishing smoothie or refreshing spritzer.