Prepping the Family for a Move from School Schedule to Summer Schedule

Lemon Basil Dressing

There are a few reasons why the summer season is uniquely challenging for the home cook. For one, kids are enjoying a blissful break from their school schedule, waking when they want and embracing an unscheduled life. Then there is the working parent, trying to squeeze as much fun as possible in while still going to work. Keeping up with the summer schedule while still providing nutritious family meals can be a little tough, but with a some thought, it’s a summer breeze.

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Graduation Grilling

Chicken Satay

Happy graduation season! Along with the caps, gowns, speeches (and tears!) are the barbecues and outdoor parties that accompany this time of year. Why not give graduates another chance to build their skills by working the grill at their own party? After all, what better way to say “thank you for supporting me and helping me meet my goals” than by making a perfect burger or other grilled dish for family and friends? So before their next step, let’s enroll graduates in grilling 101.

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Meal Kit Comparison

The meal kit delivery industry has grown significantly since I first wrote about “delivered to your door” recipe subscription companies back in 2015. At the time, I wrote of the two options that were dominating the market. Today there are about 150 meal kit delivery services to choose from. With greater choice has come different approaches to streamlining the plan/shop/prep process for the home cook, as well as questions as to the industry’s future.

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What’s in a Serving?

Green Goddess Sandwich

People often tell me that they’re “watching what they eat” and “trying not to over do it,” but they aren’t necessarily sure how to quantify just what that means for a given meal or day. These individuals don’t realize it, but the reason they can’t quantify what a serving should be is because they don’t know what it it’s supposed to be. Most of us were never taught what a proper serving is. Therefore, each of us needs to learn serving guidelines and how many of those servings should be enjoyed in a day.

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