Shopping the Center of the Store

Woman shopping for groceries

One of my favorite things about the Guiding Stars program is that it refutes the myth that you must only shop the perimeter of the grocery store in order to find nutritious foods. Before I joined the Guiding Stars team, I worked in community nutrition education for low-income families. Like most shoppers, price was an important factor in my clients’ grocery shopping decisions, along with healthy foods that their family would enjoy. I led healthy shopping tours at stores with Guiding Stars and would use the program to highlight how you can find nutritious foods that fit your budget throughout the store. From this experience I learned that the center of the store is where Guiding Stars really shines. Let me explain why.

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Click & Collect Success

Woman hand works in a laptop computer in the office.

To slow the spread of coronavirus, Americans are being urged to stay at home except to provide essential services or do essential things like grocery shopping. Ordering food online for curbside pickup is among the CDC’s recommendations to limit potential exposure to others and the virus. The demand for curbside pickup at supermarkets has surged to a level higher than ever before. Slots for this service, also referred to as click and collect, are difficult to secure. Many shoppers are also navigating this shopping experience for the first time. I want to share some tips here for click and select shopping success. I can’t help you snag a coveted slot (try ordering early?), but once you do, I hope you feel more prepared.  

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Satisfying Healthy Snacking at Home

Herbed Popcorn

When working from home, one of my biggest issues, and I think I am not alone, is my urge to snack. At work, I snack frequently as well, but the difference seems to be what I am snacking on. At work, I keep a drawer stocked with healthy items so that I don’t have an option for a less healthy choice.  So why can’t I keep to the same rules at home? I do often try to keep things I know I have less portion control with out of the house all together, but there are some less healthy items at home too. How do I allow snacking but in the right amount and with the right choices?  Here are some of my personal strategies.

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