Guiding Stars Scientific Advisor

Looking to learn more about the science behind Guiding Stars? Our scientific advisor breaks nutrition down to the nuts and bolts to help you out.

Kit Broihier, MS, RD, LD is a member of the Guiding Stars Scientific Advisory Panel. As part of the panel, Kit works collaboratively on reviewing the latest nutrition guidelines and scientific research as it relates to the Guiding Stars algorithm. Kit’s skills as a writer and her love of creating more nutritious recipes has put her in a unique position of being able to bridge the gap between nutrition science frontiers and public health, which she does in her posts on the Guiding Stars blog.

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Not So Sweet

“This past March, the World Health Organization strongly recommended limiting free sugars to 10% or less of total caloric intake. Free sugars are defined by the WHO as those that are added to food products, but also those sugars…”

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Clean Eating

“The phrase “clean eating” or “clean food” is being used more and more in the food and fitness arenas. The food industry also utilizes the “clean” concept in relation to food labels, but what exactly does “clean” mean in relation to food?…”

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Pop It Up a Notch

“I grew up with a father who loved popcorn, and he made it so well—popped perfectly on the stove and topped with melted butter and a generous sprinkling of salt. Sometimes he would make it for my mother, my little sister and me…”

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Pack Your Own Snack

“It’s that time of year when lots of folks are tempted to lay in a big supply of packaged snack foods for kids’ lunches. It’s hard for kids to resist the wide array of colorful pre-packaged snacks and treats, and let’s face it—they are easy…”

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Kit teams up with Guiding Stars Dietitian Allison Stowell to discuss “Snack Healthy: The Rise of Mini Meals” in this free, one-hour webinar.