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Fat or Fiction: The Latest Science on Fat

When we enter the supermarket, we are at the crossroads of our beliefs about nutrition and the food industry trends that are clear in package call-outs and the products themselves. As we seek the foods we mean to purchase for our family, we may also recall recent headlines, a magazine article or the advice of a t.v. personality. As conflicting messages bombard us, we may wonder if we are making the right choices at the market. After all, if coconut oil appears to be just as popular as olive or vegetable oil, should we be buying it?

Fat or Fiction: The Latest Science on Fat

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Fat or Fiction?

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There's nothing wrong with falling back on pasta for a family dinner, especially when you reach for the whole grain options at the store. (The more Guiding Stars, the better!) This easy dish pairs quick-cooking angel hair with chicken cutlets (also quick to cook) for a flavorful meal that's not a hassle to get on the table.

Scrumptious, Simple Pasta

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Family Soup

With the chill creeping back into the air, hot soup is on the menu again. And when you're trying to get the family together for a meal, soup is often a quick and comforting option that's easy to pack tons of veggies into. Your entire family will love this sweet and lightly spiced soup. Pair with a little chicken on a side salad to round out the meal.

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Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition

It’s well known that there are specific nutrition guidelines for pregnant women and even unique needs for new, breastfeeding mothers. But what about before a woman is pregnant? It may be less widely known, but there are specific dietary choices mom-to-be can make and nutrition guidelines that can be followed to prepare for pregnancy.  

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