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Treats and Tricks for a Healthier Halloween

Our team at Guiding Stars has offered tips over the years that balance Halloween fun with healthy ideas that include ideas like a Berry Scary Shake and Spooky Eyeballs, as well as several creepy ways to play with your food. Our Halloween roundups abound with super suggestions ideal for creating a picture perfect party that celebrates the spooky spirit (while sneaking in some Guiding Stars rated foods too!). This year, we’re building upon the past with a roundup of new ideas that sure to delight and fright this Halloween.

Treats and Tricks for a Healthier Halloween

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The Carrot, The Whole Carrot and Nothing But The Carrot

Well, okay, there's a little bit more to carrots in this tasty fall soup. Ginger, and onion and garlic (oh my!). And the pesto that finishes it off is, quite literally, the top of the crop, which is to say, this is the perfect recipe for getting the fullest use out of those gorgeous bunches of carrots hanging out on the farmer stand.

The Carrot, The Whole Carrot and Nothing But The Carrot

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Sloppy Sweet Potatoes

Sloppy Joes are a classic hot sandwich, but packed with meat and sodium and often served over low-nutrition bread, they're not necessarily the best choice over all. This recipe updates the dish with lentils in place of meat, served up over sweet potatoes. We think you might just like it better than the dish that inspired it.

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Storing Root Vegetables: A “How To” Guide

You’ve carefully cared for your garden all summer long. Hopefully you found that the challenge wasn’t how to grow your vegetables, but rather how to keep up with harvesting and eating them. Now, as you prepare for fall and winter, you may be finding that your vegetables, and especially your root vegetables, are still growing and ready for picking. The question is how to store those vegetables so that you can enjoy them in the months ahead as colder weather sets in.

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