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Vegan Thanksgiving

Whether folks are following plant-based diets out of concern for their health, compassion for animals, or care for the environment, vegan eating is on the rise. If you are your guests are trying to avoid animal products this Thanksgiving, these recipes (with minor modifications) will help you get flavor on the table without compromising your commitment to eating plants.

Vegan Thanksgiving

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Turkeyless Thanksgiving

Maybe the Norman Rockwell picture of the perfect round and golden turkey isn’t the plan for your Thanksgiving table. Possibly your guests don’t like turkey, are vegetarian, or just don’t want poultry on a night when they are gathering with family and can eat anything.

Turkeyless Thanksgiving

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Leave the Dairy, Take the Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a beloved Thanksgiving tradition, but let's be honest: the science of the food situation means that mashed potatoes made with no dairy are a tough sell with traditionalists. Sour cream, butter and cream aren't the easiest things to replace convincingly. That's doesn't mean vegans need to despair of enjoy amazing potatoes! When you roast potatoes at high temperatures, plant-based oils are what you want to use, vegan or not. Make this recipe full vegan by swapping out the butter at service for a little drizzle of your favorite herb-infused olive oil.

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Allergies & Etiquette

Let’s be honest, food allergies and diet restrictions are a major pain. As a mom and wife of two celiacs, I can safely say that whether you are the host or the guest, issues with food are, well, an issue. That said, as this topic is very near to me, I can tell you that there are some rules of etiquette I believe all hosts can follow to keep their guests safe, and a few that invitees with dietary issues can follow too so that they aren’t the most challenging guests at the party.

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