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Saucy Avocados

Everyone loves avocado, right? Well, maybe not everyone, but enough people love it that this easy pasta dish is bound to be a big hit. The chef will certainly love making it: you can have it on the table in the time it takes to boil pasta.

Saucy Avocados

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Why Your Crash Diet Is a Crash-and-Burn Setup

If you’re determined to drop some weight RIGHT NOW then you might be thinking that a crash diet is your best bet. Although there is no medical definition of a “crash” diet, most folks equate them with rapid weight loss due to extreme caloric restriction. Sometimes rapid weight loss diets are physician supervised and tightly controlled and undertaken for health reasons that require quick weight loss progress. More often though, extreme diets are a go-it-alone process, and that’s when things can go off track and head into dangerous territory; here are a few reasons why…

Why Your Crash Diet Is a Crash-and-Burn Setup

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Cold Winter, Hot Beans

One of the best things most of us can do for our bodies is to swap out some of our habitual meat for fat-free, high-fiber, nutrient-dense beans. Cooked up with vegetables, some lighter chicken sausage for flavor, and served atop brown rice cooked from scratch, this three-star meal is the perfect warm and filling meal for a cold January.

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6 Weight Loss “Tricks” & Tools

Happy New Year! The t.v., magazines and social media would have you believe it’s that time of year when you return to the “burden” of maintaining an ideal body weight. All we're seeing folks talk about, it seems, are the tricks, gimmicks and latest “must have” tools for successful weight loss. The truth is that weight loss is not tricky at all, but rather about commitment and finding the right personal path. 

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