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The Functional Beverage Trend


The hydration/functional beverage trend just keeps growing. Learn what's what and what may be your best choices for health and hydration.

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Great nutrition starts in your kitchen. Browse through our extensive recipe database for star-worthy recipes that will inspire you and make feeding your family nutritious food a little easier.

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Toast to National Smoothie Day with this delicious, vitamin-packed smoothie! 💫Use Guiding Stars as you shop to quickly find these nutritious ingredients and more in your store.

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Functional beverages are bubbling up across the supermarket. These trendy beverages are designed to do more than just hydrate. Some claim to support gut health, others offer enhanced hydration, and a growing number position themselves as a healthy alternative to sugary soda. Learn how our beverage guidance can help you explore these new products (link in bio).

#GuidingStars #FollowTheStars #NutritiousFoods #Hydration #FunctionalBeverages #HealthyDrinks

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With the right vacation rental, you can still make easy, nutritious meals while away from home (and maybe save a little money, too!) Head to the link in our bio for a few tried-and-true tips from a dietitian on how to pack, prep, and cook while on vacation this summer.

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What’s more satisfying than unpacking a week’s worth of groceries? For us, it’s never having to second-guess their nutritional value. Just look for the Guiding Stars on your store’s shelf tags for nutritious choices made simple.

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The beauty of the ‘half-scratch’ cooking method is that it saves time, reduces kitchen waste, and helps you create nourishing meals even when busy. In our latest blog, our dietitian shares some half-scratch best practices and Guiding Stars recipes to try it out with. Let us know what you think of this method below!

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Guiding Stars makes it simple to find nutritious choices while you’re shopping. Just look for our star ratings on shelf tags at your grocery store and be confident you`re making a nutritious choice. The more stars, the more nutritional value ⭐️! It`s that easy!
#GuidingStars #FollowTheStars #NutritiousFood #YogurtLover #FoodChoices #GroceryShoppingTips

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Don’t let stress or expenses stop you from throwing a party to kick off this summer! Check out our dietitian-approved tips and simple recipes that will help you savor your next party as much as your guests.✨ Link in our bio.

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Guiding Stars is the fast and easy way to make nutritious choices. Use our nutrition guidance icons as you shop to save time, helping you get back to the things – and people – who matter most.

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Vacation Rental Cooking (And Not Cooking)


Eating out vs. vacation rental cooking—what's the best balance? Our tips can help you eat healthy, save money, and enjoy your time away.

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Half-Scratch Cooking

Have you tried half-scratch cooking? Learn how this approach can save time, reduce waste, and help you create nourishing meals.

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Low-Stress Party Planning

About to host a gathering? We've got the party plan for a low-stress event full of nutritious food and time to enjoy your guests.

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