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Spice Up Your Carrots To Go

Salads that taste better as they sit in their juices are perfect for packing into the cooler for a roadtrip: this Thai-inspired, carrot packed delight is no exception. And with no dairy to worry about, this dish will stay food safe at warmer temperatures longer than less nutritious, mayo-dress salads.

Spice Up Your Carrots To Go

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Dodging Dehydration

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Nutritious Camping Foods

Let’s face it. Camping and “healthy meal” aren’t usually paired together. Generally, campground cuisine is about what “works” rather than nutrition. After all, how can you prepare healthy foods without a fridge, a microwave, and the other conveniences of your home kitchen?

Nutritious Camping Foods

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Helping Your Child Navigate The Chow Line at Summer Camp

Wave goodbye to GORP (“good old raisins and peanuts”) and “bug juice” (fruit punch)—staples of my childhood camp days long, long ago. Times change, and certainly kids are more used to eating sophisticated foods than they were back when I headed off to camp with my little canteen and “mess kit.” (I loved the tiny fork and spoon that came with it!) These days, the expectations for camp cuisine is higher than ever, and some camps tout menus that rival those of restaurants! So what’s the problem? There might not be one (lucky you!). But some kids have eating habits or issues that can create anxiety at the dining hall. Here I cover some of the common issues and offer suggestions for helping your camper conquer the chow line.

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Traveling Salad

Salads can be a great cooler option for roadtrips because they need no heat to be eaten. The trick is to avoid items that are riskier in warming coolers (like cream dressing, cheeses, eggs, or meats) and to pack them in individual containers, layered with the moistest ingredients on the bottom. This salad is a perfect recipe to layer into jars for on-the-road, better-for-you eating. Pack the roasted chickpeas separately for maximum crunch.

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