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Since 2006, Guiding Stars has been making nutrition as easy as 1, 2, 3. We analyze foods using a patented algorithm and translate the nutrition information to a rating system that is easy to understand.


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Pantry Cooking Doesn't Need to Be Boring

Man looks bored with his dinner

"We have food at home" is the most boring sentence on the planet. It's so lame that it's the subject of a viral meme. It is the response of the health-conscious, budget-conscious parent to the child who wants fast food. And, let's be honest: it's the inner adult voice that keeps us on track with health and budget goals when we'd rather take a break from cooking. I don't know about you, but under the current guidelines to go food shopping no more than once a week, telling myself "we have food at home" is hard. It's exhausting. One thing cooking from the pantry doesn't need to be, however, is boring.

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Great nutrition starts in your kitchen. Browse through our extensive recipe database for star-worthy recipes that will inspire you and make feeding your family nutritious food a little easier.

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Just the Facts

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Listen as Allison Stowell and Kitty Broihier on explore the changes to the Nutrition Facts label in the recording of this free, one-hour webinar.

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Baby and Toddler Foods

Toddler feeding herself

The Guiding Stars algorithm for babies and toddlers reflects the specific nutritional requirements of children under the age of two. By selecting baby foods with one, two, or three stars, you’ll be feeding baby more vitamins and minerals and less added sodium, added sugar, and artificial colors. 

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What does the Guiding Stars Scientific Advisory Panel do anyway?

When sitting down to start this post, I figured it would make sense to reference the fact that I’m one of the “newbies” on the Guiding Stars team—and I joined in the summer of 2012 (I just checked). Eight years of working with these smart and talented folks has passed by so quickly! And boy, has the food landscape changed during the past 8 years—not to mention how much has changed since Guiding Stars was created in 2006.

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Scraps & Stock

Stock is one of my favorite things to make. For one thing, you take something that was destined for either the trash or the compost and you get more food out of it before you toss it. For another, you save money. For a third, you reduce your trash from cartons or bouillon wrappers. And finally, you can control the final product for both flavor and nutrition. If you have the freezer space, I highly recommend it.

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