Positive Alternatives to Fad Diets

Blueberry Cocoa Smoothie

It’s that time of year when dieting and the bars, powders, and more that come along with it are in the spotlight. Engaging in these diets, which may or may not bring the results you’re looking for, takes a bit of learning and always leave you feeling like a tourist in your own “eating world” until it becomes natural to you. How about avoiding these diets altogether this year and just focusing on personal goals? After all, you know what you want to achieve, so why not set simple, strategic goals to get you there?

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Game Day Wraps

Chipotle Pork Wrap

Wraps are a fantastic option for feeding a crowd of friends who have gathered to watch a game together. Make them ahead and slice into pieces for snacks, or put out a wrap bar to let guests customize their own sandwich. Look for whole-grain wraps and offer spreads like hummus and guacamole with lean protein and fresh veggies for a nutritious offering.

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Cherry Holidays

Cherry Cobbler

A dessert with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners does not need to be a disappointing compromise on the holiday table, and this dish is all the proof you’ll need. During the winter holidays, fresh cherries aren’t available, so look for frozen. They’ll work just as well. Topped with whole grains and sweetened with fiber-rich dates, this dessert will be safer for diabetic guests, more nutritious for everyone, and loved by all.

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