Great Grills of Fire

Grilled Veggie Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette

Goodness, gracious, it’s time to fire up the grill! Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, Father’s Day, preparing for an epic 4th of July, or just savoring the gorgeous weather, summer is a glorious time to make your meals over a covered flame. By balancing lean proteins and fresh produce, the grill can be a powerful tool for nutritious cooking.

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Fight Pregnancy Nausea with Nutrition

Melissa's Green Breakfast Smoothie.

When I found out I was pregnant, the first thing that crossed my mind after the initial excitement was worry about the pregnancy nausea. That’s right, I’m calling it pregnancy nausea, not the euphemistic and optimistic “morning sickness.” Fortunately for me, my behind-the-scenes work with the excellent dietitians at Guiding Stars has, over the years, armed me with knowledge that helped me get through those rough weeks without reverting to the Simple Carbs Only Emergency Diet that’s often the easiest way to cope with pregnancy nausea.

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Milk Matters

Almonds and Almond Milk

No doubt you’ve noticed the growing number of milk-like products that have appeared in the dairy case (or in close proximity to it). The colorful containers and variety of flavors available make for an attractive, yet somewhat confusing display. Whether the source of these beverages is a nut (cashew, almond, macadamia, hazelnut), a grain (oat, rice, hemp), a seed (flax), a fruit (coconut, banana), a tuber (tigernut) or a legume (soybean, pea), plant-based beverages offer a variety of nutrients. Sales of these beverages are increasing each year, but they aren’t really milks, are they?

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On the Road with Wellness

Oat and Dried Fruit Bars

I love a good road trip, don’t you? There’s something about the freedom of driving oneself around in the comfort of your own vehicle, going where you want to go, and doing it all at your own pace that just makes road trips special. And one of the nice things about a road trip is that you are in control of most aspects of the journey. That means that you can work in opportunities for wellness that you might not otherwise be able to if you were traveling by air. Not sure what I’m taking about? Here are a few of my favorite tips for taking your wellness routine on the road.

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