Lean In to Slow-Cooked Meat

Meats that are high in saturated fat are also high on the list of foods to consume in moderation. They’re also delicious, in part because fat is helpful for improving tenderness and moisture during cooking. Lean cuts of meat are a better choice for nutrition, and good news! You can get to moist and tender without the saturated fat. Long cook times at a low temperature are ideal for getting lean meat to fall apart under your fork.

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Slow Cooker Traps

French Lentils with Chard

There is nothing like returning home after a long day to a slow-cooked meal that’s ready to savor or waking up to a warm, ready-to-eat breakfast. Ahh yes, your BFF, the slow cooker…doing the work for you while you’re usually doing, well, other work. That said, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that all that ready-to-go awesomeness that your slow cooker provides is also nutritious. Here are a few pitfalls to avoid that ensure it is.

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Slow Cooker Champions

Slow Cooker Lentil Chili

A crock full of bubbling goodness is a special delight as the cold weather edges in around us. It’s easy to get carried away with enthusiasm for the convenience that the slow cooker provides, but if you’re not an experienced slow cooker cook, it’s easy for modified recipes to go awry. Explore some of these tried and true slow cooker favorites with us this month as we consider what goes into making slow cooker recipes work.

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One-Pot Meals

If you’ve read one of my blogs before you’re most likely aware of my affinity for one-pot meals. For me, it all comes down to convenience. These recipes usually have more streamlined prep and fewer dishes to wash at the end. On busy weeknights, that’s a win-win. Cooking this way doesn’t have to be at the expense of flavor and nutrition either. Follow these tips to make sure that your one-pot meals are not only tasty, but also nourishing. 

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Toast Your Spaghetti

Turkey Tetrazzini

I am a food lover and see myself as fairly adventurous when it comes to trying less typical items. So, when I hear of someone disliking a food, I like to look at the way it was prepared or paired. I find a ton of pleasure in finding ways to prepare foods to change a “dislike” into a “like.” Added bonus if it is a nutritious food that can make its way on the “like” list.  

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One Soup Pot

Decadent Turkey Chili

Chilis, soups, and stews are classic methods for putting together a big family meal with a single pan. Chewing is valuable for satiety and varied textures provide interest that keep a bowl of stuff from getting boring from beginning to end. Use these tips to keep chilis, soups, and stews fresh and fun for your family.

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Five Meals for a Family of Four for $10

Chicken Fajita Bowls

Meal planning and cooking at home are a few effective strategies for eating better on a budget. I encourage people to look at what they have in their pantry already and what is on sale at their supermarket to guide their meal planning. By following these tips, you can purchase less food at the store and save money. You will waste less food and the ingredients you do buy will be at a good price. I like the challenge of piecing together a meal this way with what I have on hand plus a few common grocery list items. It’s like Top Chef on a budget. 

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