Flu Season: Caregiver’s Survival Guide

Two-Lentil Soup

No one wants to cook when they have weak muscles, a headache, a stuffy nose or feel sick to their stomach. Complicated recipes with too many steps can ratchet up the misery for parents and caregivers. I’ve pulled together some simple and nutritious dinner options for when you’re feeling ill, but still need to prepare a meal. Avoid overspending on less nutritious options and nourish yourself and your family with these manageable meals.

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Clean, Separate, Cook & Chill

Enchilada Casserole

Although anyone can get food poisoning, some people are more at risk. Those groups include pregnant women, young children, older adults and people with immune systems weakened from medical conditions (e.g., diabetics, cancer patients). It’s especially important for these groups and their caregivers to follow safe food handling practices. Here are 4 basic food safety principles from the CDC that we should all follow to reduce the risk of food poisoning:

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Public Parks and Trails Rock

Garrick Brown at Zion National Park

We know that good nutrition and regular physical activity are essential to health. Yet, other factors, like the environment we live and work in, also determine the health of our communities. Think of your community: where can residents safely enjoy physical activity? You likely thought of a public park, trails, or a recreation facility. July happens to be Park and Recreation Month and its purpose is to promote and recognize local parks and rec efforts. Let’s take this opportunity to discuss how public parks and trails improve our communities and promote good health for all.

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Guiding Stars: A Useful Nutrition Platform

The featured photo of the article.

Brenden Parker is a first year student in the nutrition program at South Maine Community College in South Portland, Maine. He also works in the Buxton, Maine Hannaford. As part of a class assignment, Brenden asked to visit with the Guiding Stars Licensing Company to learn more about the Guiding Stars program. We asked Brenden to share some of his thoughts for our blog.

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The New Dietary Guidelines for Americans Are Here!

We are thrilled to see that the new Dietary Guidelines for Americans have been released! The Guiding Stars Scientific Advisory Panel was actively involved in reviewing proposals that led to the development of the final recommendations, and we are very excited to delve into the finalized details. These guidelines reflect the current consensus and are updated every five years to reflect the latest evidence-based findings about nutrition and healthy, which is why we rely on the Dietary Guidelines as we update and improve our own food-rating algorithms.

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