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Let’s make great nutrition the easy choice.

Our program is beneficial for everyone from food manufacturers who want to improve the nutritional value of their products to school cafeterias serving healthier choices to their students to moms who want to provide their families with more nutritious meals — people everywhere are discovering that making more nutritious choices is easier than ever and fun. The resources on this page will help you spread the word about Guiding Stars and nutritious eating. Be sure to keep up with new resources through our eNewsletter! If you have trouble accessing any of the files on this site, please call us at 877-233-0975.

Free CPE Webinars for RDs and DTRs

We offer several webinars per year to provide free continuing education credits for Registered Dietitians and Dietetic Technicians, Registered. These videos offer valid credit one year from their original recording date.

Associate Training Videos

This training video is a great way to introduce new store associates to Guiding Stars. If you have any other training needs, please let us know how we can help you make the most of our program.

Kid-Friendly Resources

In stores, school cafeterias, classrooms, or at home, it’s easy to engage kids in healthy eating.
Your Kids Will Eat This Food! Cookbook (PDF)
Guiding Stars Children’s Activity Book (PDF)
Guiding Stars Land Board Game (PDF)
Guiding Stars Pairs Matching Game (PDF)


Let’s make nutritious eating go viral! Use our ready-made infographics to spark conversation about healthy eating with your audience.

Are Deceptive Food Labels Making America Fat? (JPG)
Top 10 Healthy Recipe Swaps (JPG)
Guiding Stars Holiday Survival Guide (PDF)


Printable Brochures

Print these brochures in your store or through a professional printer to show your customers the many ways Guiding Stars can simplify their nutrition decisions.

Guiding Stars Brochure (PDF) updated!
How Guiding Stars Aligns with MyPlate (PDF)
Good Nutrition Starts Early (PDF)
Menu Makeover (PDF)
Take it To Heart (PDF)
Tip Cards (PDF)

Internet Resources

We’re making it easy for you to talk to your online audience about healthy eating.
Dietitian’s Hub
Videos on YouTube
Recipes on Pinterest
Facebook Feed
Twitter Feed

Heart Healthy Nutrition Kit (PDF)

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