Just Desserts

Cherry Cobbler

Dessert is an ever-evolving challenge at Guiding Stars. We all love a little bit of something sweet now and again, and let’s be honest, most of us wish that sweet treats could fit into a well-balanced eating plan a little more often. Chasing the sweet food that’s not only nourishing but actually a delight to the senses is a little bit of a Holy Grail quest for those of us who work on recipe development for Guiding Stars. These are a few of our best tips for getting nutrition and dessert to come together.

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Smart Leftovers

Sweet Potato-Turkey Hash

No matter how many dinner guests you have and how modest you might try to be in your preparation of Thanksgiving, leftovers are inevitable. If you’re not excited about an endless litany of turkey sandwiches and Thanksgiving dinner endlessly reprised in the microwave, knowing how to make “nextovers” is a must. Turkey soup and turkey pot pie are well-known tricks, but have you tried breakfast hash before? Crispy, sweet, and savory, you will love this dish for using up leftover turkey and sweet potatoes.

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Smart Dessert

Apple-Date Torte

Pie is delicious, but crusts made with wheat flour and butter make it unfriendly to guests with wheat or gluten sensitivities or who are following a vegan diet. This torte wouldn’t work if your guests’ primary allergy concern is tree nuts, but it’s fantastic for the subset of dinner guests that often end up having fewer options to pick from. Using dates to sweeten good apples and a crust made of nuts, it’s also bringing some serious nutrition to the table. If you skimped on the meal food to save room for dessert, this is an option that will both please your tastebuds and sustain you.

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