Increase Your Holiday Stars: Thanksgiving Swaps & Substitutions

Cranberry Orange Sauce

Thanksgiving is all about preparing family recipes year after year. In most cases, these aren’t just any recipes, but directions to dishes developed with care and through choosing the perfect seasonal ingredients. What happens when those ingredients aren’t available on store shelves? This year we may find out. Don’t let the strained supermarket supply chain impact your holiday cheer. Follow this guide to successful Thanksgiving swaps and substitutions.

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Thanksgiving Menu Refresh: Switch It Up & Still Keep Tradition On The Table

Sweet Potato Tapas

Messing around with a meal as traditional Thanksgiving dinner is likely to prompt plenty of questions (and a few complaints). I’m not suggesting that we completely toss aside the turkey or pumpkin pie, but let’s be honest, preparing the same Thanksgiving menu year in and year out can get, well, a bit boring—especially for the cook. What to do? Inject some new life into that traditional, but tired, menu by employing a few strategies and using some culinary creativity.

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