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Program Overview

Guiding Stars reads nutrition labels and measures every product using established nutrition science. If it meets our transparent nutrition criteria, it earns a 1, 2, or 3 star rating.

Guiding Stars’ patented algorithm was developed by independent nutrition science and public health experts to evaluate the nutritional value of foods and beverages in the grocery store.

Whole Grains
Saturated Fat
Trans Fat
Added Sodium
Added Sugars
Additives to Limit

Shoppers simply look for the icons on shelf
tags, online, or on product packaging to
quickly find the products with GOOD,
BETTER, and BEST nutrition.

Interested in how we evaluate food? Learn more about the science behind Guiding Stars or dig deep into how stars are assigned.

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Help Answer Consumer Questions

Why don’t some foods have any stars? Why do some “junk foods” earn stars? What do the stars mean? If you’re hearing questions about Guiding Stars from consumers, we’ve probably heard them too. We have a robust Frequently Asked Questions section to help you respond to client and consumer concerns about our program.

If you can’t find the answers you need on our FAQ page, contact our on-staff nutritionist directly for help.

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The Science Behind Guiding Stars

The Guiding Stars algorithms are patented and publicly available in our white paper. Our program has been studied in multiple independent, peer-reviewed, published academic studies.