Guiding Stars Dietitian

Looking for a little help to find a healthy relationship with food? Our dietitian has a wealth of advice to make eating nutritiously a snap.

Allison Stowell, MS, RD, CDN joined the Guiding Stars team to help people in a number of sectors (grocery, hospitals, schools and universities) to understand how to use the Guiding Stars nutrition guidance program to make healthier food choices. She regularly offers great advice to enable individuals to make positive, sustainable changes in their eating habits. Allison also appears often in Guiding Stars Webinars.

Get Started with Healthy Eating

  • National Family Meals Month
    Shifting schedules and time constraints impact the frequency of family meals. Let’s change that for National Family Meals Month.
  • National Fruit & Veggies Month
    September is National Fruit and Veggies Month, a time to celebrate plants and highlight their many benefits.
  • Snacks for School
    As we gear up for another school year, let’s make stocking up on snacks part of back-to-school planning.

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Allison offers quick tips on everything from the basics of using Guiding Stars to the myth of low-fat diets.