Quinoa Granola

Summer is the perfect time to stuff your bag with water and portable snacks to keep you fueled while you hike, bike, and boat to expand your horizons and stretch your body’s abilities. Finding snacks that are full of fiber and protein and low on added sugar can be a challenge, so we’ve gathered a few of our favorites for nutritiously fueling your most active adventures.

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Seafood Season

Fish Tacos with Rhubarb Salsa

When the temperatures are high and the humidity is higher, there’s something wonderfully refreshing about fish fresh off the boat. Whether you love it in a taco or on a salad or grilled to perfection, this is the perfect weather to let your cooking get a little fishy.

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Nutrition for Everyone

Piquante Pepper Snackers

Eating well can be hard. If you’ve got to feed folks with allergies, poor appetites, special nutritional needs, and strong flavor preferences, making one dish that works for everyone can be next to impossible. These are a few of our favorite choices for keeping everyone at your table happy and nourished.

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Preppable Meals

Chicken Shahi Korma

Meal prepping is on trend right now, with good reason. We all want to nourish our bodies with tasty, nutritious, affordable food within the constraints of our busy schedules. Whether your meal prepping game is strongest in pantry stocking, freezer meals, or batch meals, these recipes will help you feed yourself and your family with full flavor and minimal fuss.

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Eat Smart for Your Heart

Pumpkin & White Bean Alfredo

When you’re focused on heart health, there are a number of dietary choices that can help protect your ticker. Get plenty of fiber, enough omega-3s, and keep the salt low. These recipes don’t compromise on flavor or convenience in order to make heart-smart eating an achievable course of action.

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Easy Three Star Meals


Finding nutritious foods in the grocery store is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Guiding Stars, but cooking those ingredients can sometimes be challenging. These recipes are designed to be easy to make while offering the highest nutrition. Our test kitchen especially recommends the mujaddara–this dish was new to them and for simplicity and flavor, it can’t be beat.

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