How it works Guiding Stars simplifies healthy eating

Guiding Stars helps you easily choose foods and recipes with the most nutrition.

  • We read nutrition labels so you don't have to.

    sample nutriton facts panel showing plus icons for fiber and minerals, minus icon for sodium
  • We evaluate how nutritious a food is, looking for:

    Whole Grains
    Saturated Fat
    Trans Fat
    Added Sodium
    Added Sugars
    Additives to Limit
  • You choose foods that earn stars to improve your nutrition.

    • = Good Nutrition

    • = Better Nutrition

    • = Best Nutrition

  • Interested in how we evaluate food? Learn more about the science behind Guiding Stars.

Where can I use Guiding Stars?

cartoon shopper carrying groceries

In Stores

In participating stores, Guiding Stars can be found on shelf tags, on prepared foods, on store-brand packaging, and online. See Brands

cartoon person cooking

With Recipes

We have over 1,200 Guiding Star-earning recipes, which have been tested by our team to give you great nutrition and flavor. Find Recipes

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Wondering how your favorite foods rate? You can use our Food Finder to look up the star-rating of over 100,000 foods. Search Foods

What about foods that don't have stars?

Foods that don't have any stars don't meet our nutritional criteria to earn at least 1 Guiding Star. Explore more Frequently Asked Questions »

What makes Guiding Stars credible?

sample nutrition facts panel showing minus icons for sodium and added sugars, plus icon for fiber
loaf of bread and sandwich

Using patented algorithms designed by independent researchers, we analyze the balance of nutrients in a given food using data from nutrition labels, ingredient lists, and the USDA’s National Nutrient Database.

Get more info on the science behind Guiding Stars

Discover the latest insights and tips on food, nutrition and what’s new with Guiding Stars.

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