Infant Nutrition

infant getting ready to eat

Infants experience an exceptional rate of growth and development in their first year of life which requires ideal nutrition. The incomprehensible infant formula shortage has brought the conversation on infant feeding front and center. Now seems like the perfect time to discuss infants’ unique nutrient needs. Here is an overview of important nutrition considerations for the first year of life.

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Seafood in Schools

Tilapia Tacos With Peach Relish

What type of fish comes to mind when you think of school lunch? Is it breaded, deep-fried fish sticks served with a mayonnaise-based tartar sauce? Because that’s what I think of and it’s not exactly the most nutritious representation of fish. Thankfully, more skilled foodservice directors are finding new, creative ways to incorporate nutritious seafood options into their menus and budget. I discuss here why this is so important.

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Help Fight Summer Hunger Near You

Nutritious school lunch

When most people think about summer vacation, they imagine care-free children enjoying their freedom away from school. However, many children who rely on school meals struggle to get enough to eat during these months at home. In fact, it may be the hungriest time of the year for families that rely on food assistance. Let’s discuss what already exists to help, how many children are reached, and what we can all do to support these families in our communities.

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