Turkeyless Thanksgiving

Maybe the Norman Rockwell picture of the perfect round and golden turkey isn’t the plan for your Thanksgiving table. Possibly your guests don’t like turkey, are vegetarian, or just don’t want poultry on a night when they are gathering with family and can eat anything.

Veggie Loaf, made with lentils, is a moist and flavorful dish that will entrance your vegan/gluten-free guests and impress your omnivore friends.

While it may not be traditional, turkey doesn’t have to take center stage this holiday. There are many other holiday menus to consider that will satisfy your guests and bring the flavors of the holiday to your table.

An easy alternative to preparing a whole turkey is a smaller turkey breast, but you can also consider a different choice altogether. Roasting beef and vegetables is a hearty option that will also work well with the variety of sides we traditionally think of for Thanksgiving. Alternatively, you could also consider this recipe for Pepper-Rubbed Beef Dijon.

There are also other paths you can take to creating a holiday feast that will not only satisfy your appetite, but delight your non-turkey-loving guests.

Go vegan or vegetarian.

A full vegetarian/vegan menu from unique appetizers to entrees that will complete your meat-free holiday table

Try a different entrée.

These options are brilliant for saving more room in the oven for beloved casseroles and sides.

Tuck your turkey in.

If you want some turkey on the table, but also want ease and convenience, these dishes are worth considering.

We can’t forget desserts.

Okay, yes, dessert with turkey would be stranger to discover than one without it, but while I’ve got your attention, let me point out some scrumptious desserts that have a little nutritional value to them too.