Holiday Eggspectations

With the unveiling of the 2015 Dietary Guidelines earlier this year, came new recommendations designed to encourage better food choices and eating patterns to improve health. For those of us who work closely with the Guiding Stars algorithm, the guidance related to dietary cholesterol was of particular interest… and frankly kind of exciting. In case you missed it, the new dietary guidelines don’t offer a specific guideline on cholesterol, but rather recommend that we seek to limit our intake of it and focus on a healthful, balanced diet. At Guiding Stars, we knew all along that there was nutritional benefit to some foods that contain cholesterol like eggs and shrimp, and having the Dietary Guidelines back us up meant we could incorporate these foods into our rating and therefore our recommendations, recipes and suggested foods. What better time to do this than during the holiday season? Cheers!

Pear & Blue Cheese Flatbread

Healthier Holiday Menu

We’ve put together a recipe round up of flavorful, festive party dishes that help you celebrate the season with just the right amount of decadence.

Superior Starters

Satisfying Shrimp

Savory Sides

Eggcellent Dishes