Our Top 10 Recipes of 2017

One of our favorite things to do is take a look at our analytics to see which recipes are getting the most love. Without further ado, these are the recipes that you all kept coming back for in 2017!

Black Bean and Bell Pepper Salsa

Honorable Mention: Microwave Veggie Chips

2 Guiding Stars(2 Guiding Stars) Okay, technically this isn’t in the top ten, but it is number eleven, and we know from our analytics that turning veggies into chips via a microwave is something a good number of you are into right now. With good reason. It’s fun, it’s easy, and the end result is snacking perfection. Do mind the power instructions on the beets, though: if you microwave beets at full power, the high sugar content in them means you could set them on fire.

10. Black Bean and Bell Pepper Salsa

2 Guiding Stars(2 Guiding Stars) This salsa is as pretty as it is delicious and it will feed a crowd. You can serve it as a straight up dig with whole grain tortilla chips for a party and then toss the leftovers with warm brown rice for a quick salad for lunch the rest of the week. This one’s a touchdown of flavor and flexibility.

9. Roasted Red Pepper and Chicken Wrap

2 Guiding Stars(2 Guiding Stars) This is just a fabulous sandwich. It’s simple–no ingredients list a mile long of odds and ends you’ll never use up in other recipes. It packs well for lunch without getting excessively soggy. There’s a reason people keep coming back for it.

8. Avocado Curry

1 Guiding Star(1 Guiding Star) It’s vegan. It can be made gluten-free by subbing tamari in place of soy sauce. It’s easy. It’s filling. It’s not too hot. If you like a creamy, mild curry: this is a recipe worth trying out. Our photographer liked it so much he didn’t leave leftovers for his wife to sample. You all clearly know what’s good.

7. Pumpkin Yogurt

3 Guiding Stars(3 Guiding Stars) This yogurt could be called “pumpkin spice,” honestly. It’s got all those luscious fall flavors you long for. It’s also sweetened only with golden raisins, but trust us, that’s all the sugar you’ll need.

6. Pineapple Banana Smoothie

2 Guiding Stars(2 Guiding Stars) Pineapple is an ingredient folks apparently want to see in smoothie recipes. This formulation is our favorite, but don’t feel confined by this recipe. Play around with your favorite fruits and pineapple and send us a comment about what pairings you love most!

5. Stuffed Mexican Sweet Potatoes

2 Guiding Stars(2 Guiding Stars) The popularity of this recipe is evidence of your excellent taste. We all love this recipe–it’s one that’s made it into the personal routines for a couple of us here at Guiding Stars. One of our favorite ways to serve them is with a side of guacamole and star-earning tortilla chips. An appetizing little meal for game night.

4. Sweet Potato Noodles with Pesto

1 Guiding Star(1 Guiding Star) The spiralizer train continues to chug along, and this is our most popular spiralized veggies recipe. Obviously. It’s delicious. The pesto is made with kale, which isn’t for everyone, so our tip is to use whatever dark, leafy green you love the flavor of (arugula, anyone?). To make it a meal, stir in some well-cooked French lentils or can of low-sodium navy beans.

3. Slow Cooker Stuffed Artichokes

(2 Guiding Stars) They said we were crazy. They said it shouldn’t be 2 Guiding Starsdone. But we did it, and you all seem to keep coming back for it: slow cooked artichokes. Test kitchen’s warning: only cook as much as you want to eat fresh. These are amazing fresh, but do not reheat nicely.

2. Spaghetti with Turkey Meat Sauce

3 Guiding Stars(3 Guiding Stars) Spaghetti with meat sauce: what’s not to love? This is a go-to recipe for a weeknight dinner. The sauce is thick and very meaty. If you like a lower meat version or want to feed a crowd, trying doubling the tomatoes and adding in a can of beans in the last 5 minutes of cooking.

1. Easy Pineapple Smoothie

2 Guiding Stars(2 Guiding Stars) This smoothie has been our most sought after recipe for almost two years. Let’s be honest: even though our favorite pineapple smoothie is number 6, above, you can’t ignore wild and consistent popularity. This recipe is a runaway crowd favorite!