Slaw, Yeah

Colorful Veggie Slaw

This slaw is colorful and delicious, and with the inclusion of sunflower seeds and cheese, it’s the perfect dish to include in a kid’s lunchbox to know they’re getting a nice collection of nutrients to see them through the day. Serve with their favorite whole grain crackers–it’s fun, tasty, and kid-friendly-weird spooned up on crackers.

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Hello, Pita

Mediterranean Chicken Pita

Little pita pockets are the perfect bread for school sandwiches. They’re easy for small hands to handle, and allow a great bread-to-stuffing recipe so you know your little muncher is getting plenty of veggies and protein with every bite of bread. This easy salad is packed with flavor and sure to please.

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Put a Spin on Lunch

Mediterranean Chicken Salad Pinwheels

If you’re always on the hunt for ideas to make lunch easier and more appealing for your smaller family members when they’re required to eat quickly at school or camp, this is a perfect way to pack a wrap! Not only are these wraps beautiful, serving them in slices makes it easy to dial in the portion that’s best for each kid.

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Quinoa Granola

Summer is the perfect time to stuff your bag with water and portable snacks to keep you fueled while you hike, bike, and boat to expand your horizons and stretch your body’s abilities. Finding snacks that are full of fiber and protein and low on added sugar can be a challenge, so we’ve gathered a few of our favorites for nutritiously fueling your most active adventures.

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Seafood Season

Fish Tacos with Rhubarb Salsa

When the temperatures are high and the humidity is higher, there’s something wonderfully refreshing about fish fresh off the boat. Whether you love it in a taco or on a salad or grilled to perfection, this is the perfect weather to let your cooking get a little fishy.

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