Cut the Sugar, Not the Flavor

Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Overnight oatmeal is a piece of cake, and oatmeal is a great food to include in a heart-healthy diet. The only thing to watch out for is added sugar: many of us like our oatmeal covered in sugar. This recipe uses carrots and raisins and spice to minimize the need for sugar while keeping the flavor and texture high. It does include maple syrup, but you can leave the maple syrup out without hurting the flavor if you want to balance the nutrition a bit better.

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Go Fishing for Heart Health

Coconut Chile Fish Curry

Fish is packed with nutrients that are good for your overall health, and its high content of omega-3 fatty acids makes it a good ally in maintaining a healthy heart. Cutting down on salt is also generally smart for hearth health, and when you’re cooking spice-filled curries, you don’t need a lot of salt to get a lot of flavor.

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Easy Three Star Meals


Finding nutritious foods in the grocery store is as easy as 1, 2, 3 with Guiding Stars, but cooking those ingredients can sometimes be challenging. These recipes are designed to be easy to make while offering the highest nutrition. Our test kitchen especially recommends the mujaddara–this dish was new to them and for simplicity and flavor, it can’t be beat.

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Cold Winter, Hot Beans

Cuban Red Beans and Rice

One of the best things most of us can do for our bodies is to swap out some of our habitual meat for fat-free, high-fiber, nutrient-dense beans. Cooked up with vegetables, some lighter chicken sausage for flavor, and served atop brown rice cooked from scratch, this three-star meal is the perfect warm and filling meal for a cold January.

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Responsible Holiday Drinking

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Whether you’re the designated driver or trying to be kind to your body, there are a range of reasons for avoiding the alcoholic options at the holiday parties this year. Don’t feel like this means you can’t drink anything but sparkling water, though! With these fruit-first recipes, you can enjoy a sweet beverage and give your body a little nutrition at the same time.

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