Fueling Your Winter Fun

Image by FreePik

The best way to enjoy winter is to get out there and embrace it. Snow sports like skiing, hiking, or tackling the town sledding hill require energy. You may find yourself taking a break in the lodge, alongside the trail, or at a rental home with friends. Whatever the situation, we’ve got recommendations to fuel your winter fun!

Load your backpack

Regardless of your winter activity, you’ll need a pack with replenishing snacks and beverages.

“Just add water”

Today’s supermarket shelves offer better-for-you, Guiding Stars earning, dried soups made with grains, beans, and vegetables. Light and easy to transport, they’re perfect to pack for the ski lodge. Simply add hot water and enjoy. Try other “just add water” products too, like noodle bowls, higher-protein oatmeal, and other “cups” available at the store. 

Protein please

Load your pack with a variety of Guiding Stars earning protein-rich snacks for cold weather sports. Try trail mixes, nut and seed bars, mini turkey pepperoni, and part-skim cheese sticks. Look for the Guiding Stars as you shop to save time and get you back to the winter activities you love. 


Guiding Stars’ beverage guidance is the perfect partner for winter activities. Staying hydrated is just as important in the winter as it is in the warmer months. Cold weather and physical exertion (regardless of the temps) are dehydrating. I like easy-to-pack electrolyte tablets and powder packets that can be added to water for quick hydration. To warm up after, try a warm Chai smoothie.

Renting a house?

When you’re on vacation or sharing a house with friends, you’ll want easy meals and simple snacks.

Packing essentials

Choose a few recipes and pack the essentials at home. A small container of olive oil, salt-free blends, and spices will help you prepare simple meals. You’ll save money and time, and reduce waste by bringing just what you need instead of buying it on vacation.

Easy shopping list

When it comes to making meals with little effort, canned goods are a star. Stock up on them to make chili, stew, or quick dips. Choose Guiding Stars earning crackers, multigrain chips, flatbreads, and other simple sides like instant brown rice to round out meals. Save time with “no-prep” produce like baby carrots, sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Mandarin oranges, grapes, and apples are good choices too.

Simple meals

When you’re on a winter adventure, the last place you want to be is in the kitchen. Try simple recipes that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways (and for more than one meal). Slow-cooked meals are also a great option. Let the cooking happen while you’re out having fun!