October is Hot for Slow Cookers

The colder it gets, the more we crave hot meals. The deeper into fall and the approaching holiday season we get, the less time we have to make said meals. The solution? Dust off your slow cooker!

Easy, Peasy Ready to Slow Cook

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Apple Spice Oatmeal

1 Guiding StarDo you know what’s better than putting in ten minutes of work before bed and waking up to a house that smells like apple pie? Not much, that’s what. If you’re looking for an interesting dessert, try serving small portions with a little dollop of vanilla ice cream. (1 Guiding Star)

Vegetable Beef Soup

1 Guiding StarGood vegetable soup is a classic comfort food in any kind of chilly weather, and this unfussy recipe is no exception. Serve it up with rolls made from our Secret Weapon Bread Dough for the perfect lunch after a morning of raking leaves. (1 Guiding Star)

Pea Soup

3 Guiding StarsRich with the flavor of a long-simmered ham bone just like Mom used to make and bright with the contrasting orange of sweet carrots, this is one soup that just screams New England coziness. Whip up a quick and simple batch of Homestyle Biscuits to sop up every bite. (3 Guiding Stars)

Chicken Fajitas

1 Guiding StarMake a weeknight dinner into an easy fiesta with these beyond good, beyond easy fajitas! Top them off with this nom-a-licious Chunky Guacamole and let the finger-licking begin! (1 Guiding Star)

Moroccan Chicken

3 Guiding StarsDo not let fear of a less familiar cuisine scare you out of trying this awesomely flavorful, slightly sweet chicken. You can easily sub in raisins for prunes if that’s what you’ve got on hand. Serve over whole wheat Israeli couscous. (3 Guiding Stars)

Easy to Mod for Slow Cooking

Yeah, okay, we know – these recipes technically aren’t listed as slow cooker recipes. We looove our slow cookers, though, and we think you’ll find they work great with some minor modifications.

Hoppin’ John Risotto

1 Guiding StarThis recipe is delicious in the slow cooker…just a little extra sticky. Sub in with 3/4 c. uncooked peas and give it 4-6 hours on low. Wait until serving to stir in the cheese. (1 Guiding Star)

Poblano Chili with Avocado Cream

2 Guiding StarsBrown the meat, cut the liquid in half to start, and stir the beans in during the last hour of cooking. 4 hours on high, 6-8 on low – check on it about halfway through to add more liquid if necessary. (2 Guiding Stars)

Sweet Potato Chili

2 Guiding StarsBrown the meat and swap the canned beans out for about a cup of dried beans per can. IT doesn’t really matter what beans you use–any bean would work in this super flavorful dish.4 hours on high, 6-8 on low. Serve with a side of Pumpkin Cornbread. (2 Guiding Stars)