“Brunchless” Mother’s Day

Brunch is truly my favorite meal–especially when it’s paired with a relaxing day and the “nowhere I need to be” feeling. That said, I also like variety and honoring every Mother’s day the same way year after year doesn’t exactly scream “creativity.” This year, surprise your mom with a day of honoring that passes on brunch, but still delights.

Raspberry Gems
Serve up these raspberry muffins for a proper teatime.

Plant her a bountiful garden.

A garden of herbs and vegetables can be the start to many summer meals. Plant a garden for mom (pots on a patio is fine!) and provide a collection of recipes that feature the bounty she will be growing during the warm months that follow Mother’s day.

Save her story.

Your mother or grandmother likely has a beautiful story that only they know how to tell. Mother’s day is the perfect opportunity to take the time to honor that story and ensure that future generations hear it too by recording it to share with family.

Pamper her with a “spa” meal.

There is no reason to avoid food altogether. Make mom feel like the spa has come to her with an energizing smoothie, a nourishing meal and just a bit of antioxidant rich dark chocolate. Pair it with spa music and mom will forget about the piles of laundry or other tasks on her to-do list.

Spring clean for her!

Let’s be honest. Most likely your mom can quickly rattle off a to-do list of things she hasn’t gotten to yet either inside or outdoors. This year, scratch a couple of those things off her list. It likely won’t cost you a thing (except maybe some sore muscles) and will no doubt go far.

Make a meal that keeps on giving.

Feed mom on Sunday, Monday and even Tuesday too with a meal that rolls over into the next. Use these tips as inspiration and you’ll be giving mom the gift of a meal and time when she doesn’t have to spend as many hours in the kitchen.

Enjoy a proper teatime.

Who needs fancy teatime at a hotel when you can pamper mom with a delightful teatime right in her own home? Visit a houseware store to pick up perfectly patterned mugs and a tea pot along with delicious tea. Prepare little sandwiches and some of these Raspberry Muffins ahead of time and your teatime will be a treasured memory for mom.

There are many ways to honor the mothers in your life. Here are some more spring time recipes that you may help create the perfect celebratory meal.

Cod Packets with Zucchini, Tomatoes and Mint

Tandoori Shrimp Skewers

Pesto Zucchini Rolls

Kale and Tomato Hummus

Lemon Cookie Balls