Guiding Stars & National Nutrition Month

Close up of a smiling woman in a kitchen looking at fruits
Image by Freepik

Every March, we use the thirty-one days that bring us from winter to spring to honor National Nutrition Month® (NNM). The month helps reinforce the role that a healthy diet plays in your life. This year’s theme, “Personalize Your Plate” highlights that we are all unique. We have different nutrition needs, diet goals, and cultural backgrounds that guide our food choices. These differences can be honored while still following a healthy diet. Guiding Stars, which embraces a variety of foods. We guide you towards nutrient dense options, which partners perfectly with this year’s NNM theme.

Personalize Your Shopping Cart

A highlight of Guiding Stars is that it guides you toward nutrient dense foods on supermarket shelves. You’ll find Guiding Stars throughout the whole market, in every aisle, to satisfy every taste. The result is that your shopping cart reflects your food preferences and helps you meet important diet goals such as lowering the saturated fat or sodium in your diet. Naturally, not every food in your cart will earn Guiding Stars (that’s ok!) because it’s all about balance.

Personalize Your Menu

The team at Guiding Stars has developed and rated hundreds of recipes. The result is an abundance of meal ideas that can bring a variety of flavors to your table and help you create a personalized menu complete with familiar recipes and maybe something new too. Okra Tamarind Curry, Fresh Spring Rolls with Sesame-Tamari Grilled Steak, Pan Bagnat or an updated Chicken Soup are just some of the unique and comforting recipes you can savor.

Pan Bagnat
Pan Bagnat – 2 Guiding Stars

Personalize Your Diet

Keeping your overall health goals in mind while following a specialized diet, such as gluten-free, dairy free, vegan, or vegetarian, can be a challenge. However, these diet needs are increasingly more common. Not only does this year’s NNM theme reflect that but Guiding Stars does too. Guiding Stars rated foods and recipes help you maintain your different diet needs, while still consuming foods that help you maintain your overall health.

Personalize Your Health

NNM celebrates registered dietitians (like me!) and highlights the role we can play in helping you meet your diet goals. Guiding Stars is proud to have dietitians on the scientific advisory panel, to partner with retail dietitians and to include the voices of dietitians in their blog posts and webinars. The guidance that these nutrition experts bring to Guiding Stars keeps you to be up to date on current nutrition science and diet advice so that you can embrace better health.