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Since 2011, the Guiding Stars team has developed and hosted over 25 webinars covering a wide variety of nutrition-related topics. Thousands of people have watched the live webinars and archived videos. Over a thousand CPE credits have been earned by Registered Dietitians and Dietetic Technicians, Registered. Guiding Stars is proud to provide this free service to help educate consumers and professionals across the U.S. and Canada on the benefits of great nutrition.

Previous Webinars

Making the Mediterranean Diet Work for You

Foods in the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet emphasizes wholesome fruits, vegetables, legumes and mono- & polyunsaturated fat, while also incorporating lifestyle modifications and a unique approach to eating that is worth highlighting. This webinar shines a light on a bit of the research supporting the diet’s impact on health and offers practical ways to bring the Mediterranean diet to your own table.

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Focus on Fiber: Food Science, Regulations, and Consumers

High-fiber foods

Have you been watching the headlines around the science behind dietary fiber? Join Alli and Kit to expand your understanding of how fiber benefits our health, the many types of fiber in our food supply, and what changes to the Nutrition Facts label will mean for fiber goals and consumption.

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Behind the Changing Stars

The Guiding Stars algorithm was updated in early 2018 The algorithm is the equation we use to determine how foods earn their rating of 0-3 stars, labeling them as good, better, or best nutritional choices. This 30-minute webinar is valuable to anyone who has ever wondered how the stars work.

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2018 On the Shelves: Food Trends Lookout

Join Kit and Alli to learn their insights about trends that are likely to hit supermarket shelves during 2018. Using industry data, recent publications and their personal expertise and know-how, Kit and Alli will highlight their top trends for 2018.

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Fat or Fiction? The Latest Science vs. What People Believe About Fats

Do you want to sort the media hype from the science when it comes to understanding whether a fat is good for you or not? This webinar explores the latest research on dietary fats, how dietary fat is connected to present and future health status, how the food industry impacts our dietary fat choices and what consumers are hearing and understanding regarding fat and health.

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Dodging Dehydration

This webinar addresses risk factors for dehydration, explains why it’s important to stay hydrated, highlights how to recognize when it’s more than just “being thirsty,” and offers the best “hydration helpers” to maintain hydration while avoiding the extra sugar, added calories and other negative attributes that come with some summer drinks.

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Probiotics Primer: The Connection Between Food, The Body and Good Bacteria

What is the real connection between your diet and the health of your gut? Alli and Kit explain the latest research around “good” bacteria (probiotics), including how probiotics impact both gut health and overall health, as well as the implications of recommending probiotics in a clinical or community setting.

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2017 On the Shelves: Food Trends Lookout

Kit and Alli share their insights about trends that are likely to hit supermarket shelves during 2017. Using trends data, recent publications and their personal contacts with leaders in the food industry, Kit and Alli highlight their top seven trends for 2017.

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