Fishing for Nutrition

A child and an adult bonding by the water as they gently cast their fishing lines: this picturesque image is a perfect summer scene and the kind of moment a child looks forward to and reflects upon with delight. These opportunities can be more than just an afternoon adventure–they can teach our kids about our ecosystem, nutrition and possibly even outdoor cooking.

Baked Trout

Our Ecosystem

Within any lake, river, bay or ocean community are countless natural relationships that require the right water temperature, vegetation and other factors for their existence. Maybe it is the perfect vegetation for a fish to lay eggs and keep them protected, or possibly it is the ideal temperature, to attract a perfect combination of big and small fish. Each unique factor is critically important to another, and when left alone, these connections allow our water environments to thrive. It is critically important that humans don’t intervene or negatively impact these environments with pollution. Remind children of these fragile environments and why they need to be protected, respected and cherished to allow for years of fishing and more.


Fish and seafood are often disliked by children. In most cases, kids will say that they don’t like the smell of fish or they are unsure of it. They pass on fish long before it makes it to their dinner table, which makes “just trying it” highly unlikely. Give that same child a chance to catch their own dinner and you will be more likely to have them try (and possibly even learn that they like) fish and seafood. Help your children eat more fish and you are ensuring they are consuming essential fats for their body and brain, lean protein and an array of vitamins and minerals.

Let’s, take a brief look at popular game fish and how many Guiding Stars they receive:

  • Bass (3 Guiding Stars)
  • Catfish (3 Guiding Stars)
  • Trout (3 Guiding Stars)
  • Flounder (3 Guiding Stars)
  • Sea Trout (3 Guiding Stars)
  • Striped Bass (3 Guiding Stars)
  • Bluefish (3 Guiding Stars)
  • Redfish (3 Guiding Stars)


While children may be unsure of fish for their own unique reasons, adults are often intimidated by the idea of preparing and cooking fish and seafood. The irony here is that fish cooks quickly, and is not difficult to prepare. If possible, round out your day at the water with a fire and fish prepared right on it. There are many reasons to make fish your next meal choice. These Guiding Stars rated recipes will get you started…

And a few others: