To Cook a Fish

Cooking a fish you’ve just caught yourself only gets better when you have a chance to cook it over a fire after a great day of enjoying the outdoors. If you’re not already an expert woodsman, Earth Easy has great advice on how to build a solid fire you can safely cook over. Once you get the coals going, try our Baked Fish, Spinach and Tomatoes in Foil Packets for an easy, delicious meal.

Smoking some delicious trout
Smoking Some Delicious Trout / Lauri Rantala / CC BY 2.0

Use seasoned wood. The drier the wood, the less it will smoke, and the hotter it will burn. That means you’re inhaling less smoke while you cook and your food will be safer. If you’re camping out of state, note that many states prohibit bringing in out-of-state firewood, which can harbor invasive insect life.

Know your fire risk. Check with the local fire department or your campground office to determine how risky it would be to build a fire. Make sure you have a source of water on hand and an emergency plan in place in case the flames get out of control. Accidents happen: preparation is key.

Create a wind barrier. Not only can sudden gusts of wind create a higher risk for a campfire getting out of control, they can also carry away the heat, making it difficult to achieve safe cooking temps. Especially when you’re cooking wild game, food safety is no joke.