Breakfast on the Go

Pumpkin Overnight Waffles
Pumpkin Overnight Waffles – 2 Guiding Stars

While it may not be the most important meal of the day, breakfast ranks high in my book. The name itself, break-fast, indicates that nutrition is needed. This is especially important for school-age kids and anyone who can’t make time for a morning snack or early lunch. But students often don’t have much time in the morning, and adults aren’t always sure what to choose. In both cases, skipped breakfast is the unfortunate consequence. However, with these five on-the-go options, there are few excuses to skip this pretty important meal of the day.

Overnight oats

I highly recommend these recipes for Cherry Chunk and Carrot Cake overnight oats. Both make two servings and can be enjoyed cool or warmed (depending on your preference). To save even more time, divide the recipe and make your oats in a ready-to-go container. Looking for another overnight option or something effortless for the whole family? This Slow Cooker Apple Spice oatmeal might make you think you moved into a bed and breakfast!

Frozen waffles

My family’s weekday “go to” breakfast is an effortless, balanced, and super nutritious combination that’s ready in under five minutes. We toast a Guiding Stars earning waffle and top it with a nut or seed butter and sliced banana. It’s the fastest way to have a blend of filling grain, heart-healthy fat, and a serving of fruit. Bonus: It fits in the palm of your “running out the door” hand. If you prefer to make and freeze your own waffles, this recipe for Pumpkin Overnight Waffles won’t disappoint.

Power trail mix

If you’re looking for breakfast that takes no time at all, your best bet is a trail mix. While the possibilities are endless, the ideal combination should include a fat or protein, like nuts and/or seeds. This will ensure that your mix leaves you feeling satisfied. Other ingredients may include dried fruit, whole grain cereal, unsweetened coconut, and other preferred additions. Make a big container on Sunday (add some Quinoa Granola if you have time!). Then scoop out five servings to store in individual, reusable containers. Breakfast, done.


It doesn’t get much easier or faster than a smoothie that can be sipped on the go. And a balanced blend of ingredients is the key to a satisfying smoothie. Protein or fat, fruit, and essential micronutrients like vitamin D and calcium are all healthy choices. This dairy-free Strawberry Almond Butter smoothie is made from just three ingredients and provides a serving of protein. Or try this Green Smoothie, which helps you eat your veggies. Save even more time by blending in the evening and storing your smoothie in the fridge overnight. Then quickly blend it again in the morning before heading out the door.

Bars, muffins, and more

Do you have some time to cook ahead but no time at all on weekday mornings? If so, these make-ahead recipes are for you. Pumpkin bars, cashew-date bars, and banana and bran breakfast cookies are made from nourishing ingredients to fuel your morning. Bake them at night or over the weekend. Then individually wrap (or freeze) them for a quick grab as you start your busy day.