The Sweetest Things

Good news! There is room for dessert in a balanced eating plan. The secret? Don’t rely on added sugars. Wherever possible, sweeten your desserts with fruit, which also provides nutrients and fiber. These recipes are balanced so that most of your calories are not coming from sugar or saturated fat and are designed to provide some important nutrients as well.


Chocolate Raspberry Smoothie

3 Guiding StarsChocolate and raspberry are a winning combination in many dishes, and this sugar-free smoothie is no exception. Simple to make with few ingredients, this is a great option for enjoying a rich chocolate flavor in a responsible ways. (3 Guiding Stars)

Lemon Cookie Balls

2 Guiding StarsIf you love the flavor of lemon, give these easy balls a try. To boost the lemon flavor, add some of the zest to the dough to the blender and enjoy the puckery sweetness. (2 Guiding Stars)

Poached Pears with Pomegranate Seeds

2 Guiding StarsPoached pears are not only delicious, they’re also quite lovely.  Sparkling, jewel-like pomegranate seeds play against the creamy flesh of the pears for a visually and nutritionally delightful dessert. (2 Guiding Stars)

Blueberry Sorbet

2 Guiding StarsThe best desserts are sometimes the least complicated, which is certainly true of this two-ingredient sorbet. Make this sortbet as the perfect palate cleanser for a richly-flavored meal. (2 Guiding Stars)

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

2 Guiding StarsPudding is a classic, kid-friendly dessert, but it’s traditionally made with a high amount of sugar and fat-heavy milk. This twist is easier than any traditional pudding and has a good balance of healthy fat, protein, and a small amount of calories from sugar. (2 Guiding Stars)

Almond Truffles

2 Guiding StarsWhen you’re putting together gift boxes for the holidays, include these truffles in your sweets roundup. They’re dead simple to make and packed with fiber. (2 Guiding Stars)

Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 Guiding StarSet a new normal for a much-beloved treat in your house by making these banana-sweetened and whole grain rich cookies. (1 Guiding Star)