Icy Summer Treats

Frozen treats are hard to resist in summer. Whether we are talking about a trip to your local coffee shop for a frozen beverage (which, by the way, is often way more decadent than you realize) or an evening walk to the ice cream shop, it seems like just about every point in the day calls for an icy treat. Of course, the same way I suggest freezing those holiday cookies once the calendar reads January 2nd, I don’t recommend a daily decadent treat even when the temps are into the 90s. That said, there are many less decadent (and just as refreshing) icy options that will satisfy your desire for something special.

Frozen Yogurt Bark
Frozen Yogurt Bark

Frozen Smoothie Perfection

You’re a smoothie wizard, but have you thought about turning that liquid concoction into your next frozen treat? Pick up a popsicle mold and you can do just that. Not only will you get to control all of your tasty ingredients, you will likely save a few dollars too (and find the perfect use for the produce that seems to have over ripened faster than you realized!) Try these and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Perfect Pops

Just as easy as the smoothie popsicles are these recipes for Frozen Banana Pops or a delicious, nutritious Pina Colada Pudding Pops. Where the smoothie popsicles may be more like frozen fruit pops or fudge pops, these recipes create a smooth and creamy texture. For a fun touch, dip some bananas in melted chocolate (or add Guiding Stars rated cocoa powder to the yogurt) before freezing.

Faux Decadent

I’m not a baker, so when I am invited to a cookie exchange party, I generally bring chocolate peppermint bark (if you’ve never had any, it’s very yummy). Enter this recipe for Frozen Yogurt Bark and we now have a summer time version that’s way better for you (and just as easy to prepare). Or if you are serving a dairy free crowd, consider this Dark Chocolate Dairy Free Ice Cream or Banana Cream Sundae as an option. While supermarkets are filled with decadent dairy-free options made from creamy cashew milk or coconut, they may pack more calories than desired. Make your icy treat at home and you can control for this.

Fabulously Icy

Also dairy free and really refreshing are granitas and sorbets. You may not have realized that with just a bit of effort, you can make Blueberry Sorbet or Melon and Apple Granita on your own! You will wow your guests and be able to add your own touches to make these recipes even more unique.

The Real Deal

Living in New England, there are many fabulous, locally owned creameries around that just seem to call me for a summer visit. Likewise, travel to one of my favorite places and it’s hard to resist popping into the ice cream shop I look forward to visiting. These special moments are just that, special. My advice: Go for it. Relish that creamy concoction with every taste bud. Save these decadent options for those can’t-miss places and opportunities that complete your summer day.