Flu Season: Feeding a Sick Family

You feel it coming on or know that your sick family member means you’re likely next. While the first step is always to bring on the handwashing, anti-bacterial wipes, plenty of rest, and good nutrition, it’s also possibly beneficial to add supplements and probiotics to your daily regimen that boost immunity and may shorten the duration of cold and flu symptoms.

However, despite your best efforts, cold and flu symptoms sometimes may get the best of you. When they do, we have a few options to naturally and healthfully treat symptoms, as well as comforting recipes that are just what you’re looking for. So, push those sugary lozenges aside, pass on the salty soup, and try some of these options instead.

Coconut Water Berry Popsicles

Coconut Water Berry Popsicles

Three Guiding Stars iconThree Guiding Stars indicate the best nutritional value. For a sore throat, homemade popsicles are quick to put together and bring a lot of soothing power with substantially less sugar than many store-bought options.

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Bone Broth

Warm up some unsalted bone broth to sip when you need fluids to hydrate and sooth. With benefits not found in regular chicken broth, protein-rich bone broth is perfect when your appetite is low. Enjoy Guiding Stars rated broths “as is” or flavor with preferred herbs.


Pass on the sugary beverages and go with herbal tea instead. While very hot tea may not feel so great on a sore throat, a warm tea is probably just the soothing drink you need. While a spoonful of honey on its own can also feel good, stirring it into your tea with a squeeze of lemon will make it even more soothing.

Hydrating Citrus

Keep clementines and sliced citrus like oranges and lemons on hand for a quick snack and to flavor water. Not only will the vitamin C in citrus help you fight those cold and flu germs, it also hydrates and soothes a sore throat.

Low Sodium, High Nutrition Soup

In addition to choosing unsalted bone broth, it’s also best to look for low-sodium soups or prepare an easy recipe. When your symptoms and appetite don’t have you reaching for a fresh garden salad or other veggies, try a vegetable soup instead like or Thai Butternut Squash Soup, 7 Minute Vegetable Soup or this Rainbow Root Soup, which offers a twist on traditional chicken soup.


Not only does the cold and flu come with the scratchy throat and head discomfort, it unfortunately also often brings on stomach upset and nausea. Luckily, ginger does double duty and helps with all these symptoms. Slice a bit of fresh ginger, add to boiling water, and sip to soothe your throat and your queasy stomach or try this recipe for Ginger Dropped Egg Soup.

Spoonful of Honey

Balance cough medicine with a good old spoonful of honey to sooth a scratchy throat and offer a comforting coat that lasts for a bit to reduce cough. The antibacterial, antimicrobial properties of honey may also offer an added benefit. Look for natural, honey-based cough drops too.

All-fruit or Homemade Ice Pops

It’s tempting to go to the store for some sugary popsicles when you or your loved ones are sick. But, it’s not that hard to quickly make some either. Try this easy recipe for Pina Colada Pudding Pops or make these hydrating, soothing Coconut Water Berry Popsicles. Lastly, consider making and freezing a smoothie to enjoy when your throat needs soothing.

Flavored Greek Yogurt

Sometimes a sore throat just wants something sweet and creamy like pudding. For a more nutrient rich option pass on pudding and try flavored, Greek yogurt instead. Not only will you get more vitamins and minerals, the protein boost will help satiate your appetite.