Flu Season: Caregiver’s Survival Guide

Fall signals the start of pumpkin spice cold and flu season. Have you got your flu shot yet? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advise everyone age 2 and older to get an annual flu vaccine. They recommend doing this early in flu season, which means you should plan to get one in October or November.

Two-Lentil Soup

Two-Lentil Soup

Two Guiding Stars iconTwo Guiding Stars indicate better nutritional value. Lentil soup is easy to make, nourishing, and can be frozen when you're feeling well to have a quick meal on hand when you're unwell.

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Kit blogged before about getting your gut ready for flu season. Allison just blogged about how to feed a sick family, but what if you are sick and no one else can cook? Here are some survival tips and recipes to help solve this question without ordering takeout or fast food.

No one wants to cook when they have weak muscles, a headache, a stuffy nose or feel sick to their stomach. Complicated recipes with too many steps can ratchet up the misery for parents and caregivers. I’ve pulled together some simple and nutritious dinner options for when you’re feeling ill, but still need to prepare a meal. Avoid overspending on less nutritious options and nourish yourself and your family with these manageable meals.

Two-Lentil Soup

Thick, hearty, packed with flavorful veggies and two kinds of lentils, this soup is the best kind of comfort food for winter. Serve with crusty whole-grain bread.

Easy Broccoli Pasta

If you’ve ever been stuck staring at a cupboard with odds and ends of pasta and a freezer full of vegetables and wondered how you were going to scrape together something resembling a meal, wonder no more. This is your go-to. Broccoli is ideal for this, but honestly, any veggie you like with Parmesan and pasta will work. Turn it into a full meal by adding in whatever leftover protein you’ve got on hand, or a can of beans. If you’ve got a kid who’s eager to take responsibility for cooking the family dinner, this is a great training recipe.

Slow Cooker Chicken and Potatoes

Dinner just doesn’t get easier than this. Set the slow cooker up in the morning and come home to a ready hot meal. Serve with a side of your favorite steamed vegetables or a quick simple salad.

Slow Cooker Vegetable Beef Soup

The flavorful secret of this soup is that the broth comes from the liquid of the canned tomatoes. Mix and match your favorite vegetables and herbs to tailor this healthy recipe to suit your family’s preferences. For the best texture and flavor in slow cooker recipes with meat, lightly brown the meat in a skillet over medium-high heat before adding to the slow cooker.