Show Someone You Love Them…with Brunch

Who doesn’t love brunch? With the perfect blend of wholesome, satisfying dishes along with just a bit of decadence to bridge breakfast and lunch, it is the symbol of a relaxing day. Brunch tastes best when it is shared with family and friends. Create a bountiful brunch and there is no doubt your guests will know they are tops on your list.

Where to start? With the game plan below, even a novice will be able to pull off a perfect morning meal. We keep it relaxing and enjoyable (for your guests… and you) with simple products and recipes that make prepping brunch a breeze.

Quinoa Fruit Bake
Quinoa Fruit Bake


Brunch Menu

Your Game Plan

The night before:

The day of:

  • Stir overnight oatmeal and keep warm.
  • Prepare fruit platter and fruit and cheese plate. (Cut some fruit small enough to use as a yogurt topping.)
  • Slice breads.
  • Scoop yogurt and granola into bowls.
  • Remove dishes prepared night before from refrigerator.
  • Warm oven to 300ºF to warm Quinoa Fruit Bake (keep covered).
  • Make Tropical Paradise Smoothie.
  • Cook Morningstar sausage patties (keep warm).
  • Just before guests arrive: make 2 Guiding Stars Broccoli Frittata.
  • Sit back and enjoy your company!

Grocery List

  1. Visit the produce section for a variety of seasonal fruits/berries (2-3 Guiding Stars)
  2. Nonfat, plain Greek yogurt (3 Guiding Stars)
  3. Back to Nature Classic Granola (2 Guiding Stars)
  4. 100% orange juice (3 Guiding Stars)
  5. Nonfat milk (3 Guiding Stars)
  6. Whole grain breads (1-3 Guiding Stars)
  7. Morningstar Farms Original Veggie Sausage Patties (1 Guiding Stars)