Alli’s 2018 Thanksgiving Pick

Apple Walnut Tossed Salad

While a table of richly colored autumn dishes is a good thing, it often lacks variety in texture. This is where my pick for your holiday table comes in. In my opinion, no holiday table is complete without something crunchy and green because while I love sweet potatoes just as much as anyone else, our Thanksgiving table needs a bright boost. With this in mind, I’m choosing Apple Walnut Tossed Salad for my Thanksgiving pick. With fresh, crisp, greens, apples and walnuts, this seasonal salad is what your table needs to round it out perfectly.

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Haunted Kitchen

Owl Veggie Platter

My daughter loves to be in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes and practicing fun cake decorations. She looks forward to the arrival of her food magazine, endlessly searches Pinterest, then supplies me with shopping lists to replicate the perfect pictures she sees. Of course, this leads to the next thing she is also all about, which is parties and using them as an opportunity to showcase her latest kitchen adventures. Over the past few years, this has meant an annual Halloween party.

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Alli’s Sample Meal Plan

Rainbow Pizza

I’m a meal planner. After all, is there any other way to feed a family of four that’s going in different directions every day, leaving me with little time to make dinner? I also hate to waste food. With both attributes in mind, I offer you this menu that will take your busy household from Sunday to Saturday with more home-cooked meals, less time in the kitchen, and likely less waste too. Scroll all the way down for a shopping list.

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One Protein, Many Meals

Mediterranean Chicken Bake

The Food Marketing Institute promotes September as Family Meals Month and uses it to remind us of the importance of gathering family around the table to connect, chat and enjoy a nutritious meal. But, let’s be honest, September is also all about busy evenings, trying to grasp a new, demanding school schedule, and realizing that you only thought you were done back-to-school shopping. So how can we manage all that and still get dinner on the table every night? It starts with choosing a protein that will carry you through for a few meals. It ends with you not cooking every day.

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Graduating to More Food Choice

Quinoa Granola

A vegetarian middle schooler? An adolescent who only wants to eat “natural foods.” Neither is rare. Both can be frustrating for caregivers who want to be supportive, but see their adolescent’s food choices as limiting, inconvenient, or sometimes unnecessary. While a young person’s desire to control their diet may seem out “of the blue,” it’s quite common and not always a bad thing. Done correctly, a shift in food preference gives an adolescent an opportunity to consume a balanced diet, understand where their food comes from, and possibly learn a bit about the food industry. There may even be a chance that the rest of the household can learn from their young family member.

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Nutritious Meals for the Very Busy

Slow Cooker Carnitas

It’s easy for nutrition to go out the window when life gets busy. With a schedule that’s packed with commitments, which seem to have you running from the moment you wake, it’s hard (seemingly impossible) to also get into the kitchen to prepare a balanced, nourishing meal. Turn this trend around with a bit of strategizing and a lot of making nutritious meal planning an important part of your all-too-busy life

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Roadtrip Redirect

It may not be for everyone, but my family loves a fun road trip. Of course, keeping it fun isn’t always easy. Sometimes we get bored or let’s just say “less than nice” along the way. When restlessness rises it’s easy to turn to snacks to fill the void. Before long, our eating can go downhill quickly. Keep your snacking on track with these tips and a menu designed to get you to your “nutrition” destination.

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