College Lunch

Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Sandwich

When it comes to preparing food, college dorm living can seem two steps away from camping. It only worsens when daytime dining hall options are limited to a scarcely stocked canteen or a busy schedule that requires a dorm room to be stocked with actual food. My colleagues have shared dorm room hacks and tips for turning your dorm room into a kitchen. As college students make the move to dorm rooms for another year it’s a good time to revisit these ideas and more.

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Allergy-Free School Snacks

Fresh Fruit Kebabs with Lemon Lime Dip

These days it’s just assumed that you when you sign up to bring food to your child’s school function, it will have to be allergy friendly. As a mom of a celiac son, I have to say that seeing the transformation that has gone on in classrooms to make them more inclusive is not only welcome but frankly, long overdue. The even better news? Making allergy-friendly foods isn’t hard to pull off or “less fun.”

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The B12 Question

Vegan Cheesy Chips

For all the benefits of the plant-based diet, and especially for those on a vegetarian diet, there is still one very important consideration, which is the lack of B12. Our bodies can’t produce B12, the essential, water-vitamin found mostly in meat and dairy foods, and therefore we must seek it in our diet. For those on a plant-only diet, there are many fortified foods and supplements available to help them meet their B12 needs. This raises the question as to how easy it is to become deficient in B12 and whether supplements and fortified foods are an adequate replacement.

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Plant-Based Diets for People with Sensitive Nutrition Needs

Vegan salad

The popularity of the plant-based diet means that products are appearing on supermarket shelves in increasing numbers. This is great news for consumers seeking to embrace this beneficial and sustainable way of eating. We know that a plant-based approach to eating has many health benefits, but what about those individuals with sensitive nutrition needs? Does this way of eating make it easier or harder to follow a safe, healthy diet when you have unique dietary concerns?

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Prepping the Family for a Move from School Schedule to Summer Schedule

Lemon Basil Dressing

There are a few reasons why the summer season is uniquely challenging for the home cook. For one, kids are enjoying a blissful break from their school schedule, waking when they want and embracing an unscheduled life. Then there is the working parent, trying to squeeze as much fun as possible in while still going to work. Keeping up with the summer schedule while still providing nutritious family meals can be a little tough, but with a some thought, it’s a summer breeze.

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Graduation Grilling

Chicken Satay

Happy graduation season! Along with the caps, gowns, speeches (and tears!) are the barbecues and outdoor parties that accompany this time of year. Why not give graduates another chance to build their skills by working the grill at their own party? After all, what better way to say “thank you for supporting me and helping me meet my goals” than by making a perfect burger or other grilled dish for family and friends? So before their next step, let’s enroll graduates in grilling 101.

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