Orange Roots

Apple Glazed Sweet Potatoes
Apple-Glazed Sweet Potatoes – 1 Guiding Stars

Orange root vegetables aren’t quite as emblematic of fall as are the various squashes we discussed last week, but they’re an important part of the team. If you want orange in your diet, sweet potatoes and carrots in particular are popular for good reason. They’re delicious. They’re also remarkably flexible in the kitchen.


You know carrots. As sticks for dipping or a component of mirepoix, they’re a kitchen staple. You can stick those things in everything, no joke. Shredded carrots are right at home in oatmeal, believe it or not. And if you love carrot-forward classics like glazed carrots? There’s a Guiding Stars-friendly approach to glazed veggies that is delicious with carrots.

Carrot Cake Oatmeal
Carrot Cake Oatmeal – 2 Guiding Stars
Glazed Carrots
Glazed Carrots – 2 Guiding Stars
Roasted Carrot Soup
Roasted Carrot Soup – 2 Guiding Stars

Sweet Potatoes

The only problem I run into with sweet potatoes is that they can get a little samey if I eat too many of them. Fortunately, they’re insanely flexible. From making chips at home, to baking them into bread, to placing them at the center of a hearty stew, sweet potatoes are phenomenal.


I’m giving golden beets an honorable mention because they’re orange-ish and in season right now. You can use golden beets any way you’d use any other beet. They’re a little less intense on the beetiness, making them a great veggie to explore with eaters who aren’t yet sold on beets.

Golden Beet & Sunflower Salad
Golden Beet & Sunflower Salad – 2 Guiding Stars