6 Tricks for a Healthier Halloween

It’s the spookiest time of year. While it may be a time for a frightening number of sweets and candy, there is space for a less scary “middle ground”. Let’s find that sweet spot together.

1. Treats for school 

If your school is allowing treats this year, then there are a few things to consider. Begin by seeking options that are lower in sugar and less decadent since the school party sets the stage for a day of “extras”. The second goal is likely to keep those options as COVID-safe as possible. Consider simply renaming better-for-you, kid-friendly snacks (Guiding Stars earning, single-serve guacamole becomes “green goop” for example) or finding other creepy ways to play with food.

2. Healthy packaged treats

 Save time by letting Guiding Stars help you find no-fuss packaged products that scream Halloween that you can savor with those who matter most: your little monsters. Use Guiding Stars to find fruit snacks made with less added sugar or artificial colors. Or choose Guiding Stars earning pretzels, chips, or granola bars. Lastly, if that crafty cupcake you saw online is still calling your name, use Guiding Stars to simplify the baking aisle to help you find a nutritious option among the many boxed baking mixes.

3. Treats with fruit

“Nobody wants fruit on Halloween!” I can just hear my kids saying it now. While I can admit that it may not be as exciting as a decadent dessert or candy, even on this holiday that’s all about treats there is room for fruit. Grab your Halloween-themed silicone mold and turn this fruit juice-filled gelatin into a fun dessert or try this twist on a Halloween classic. Lastly, pass on sugary drinks and serve this Berry Scary Shake instead.

Berry Scary Shake.
Berry Scary Shake – 2 Guiding Stars

4. Halloween snack mix

Honey Mustard Snack Mix
Honey Mustard Snack Mix – 2 Guiding Stars

The trick to the perfect Halloween snack mix is in the presentation. After all, any snack mix can be creepy when spiders and eyeballs are mixed in with flavorful, crunchy carbs. Use Guiding Stars to quickly guide you toward nutritious ingredients so you can spend less time shopping and more time creating a spooky scene and enjoying the holiday

5. Candy alternatives

It’s nearly impossible to escape candy on Halloween so balancing treats with non-treats is probably the best approach. When it comes to a candy alternative, pretty much anything goes (just not raisins- and that’s coming from your dietitian😊). Think of small things like pencils, erasers, bouncy balls, stickers, glow sticks, or necklaces for trick or treating. For smaller gatherings or alternatives to traditional “trick or treat”, consider larger “treats” like a coupon to your local ice cream shop, a small pumpkin, or a reusable bag for trick or treating.

6. Family fun

There are many fun, unique ways to celebrate Halloween that takes the spotlight off candy and put it on the fun instead. Whether it’s a bonfire with neighbors or an outdoor movie, these ideas are perfect for gathering with friends to create a fun fall evening.