10 Creepy Ways to Play with Your Food

Halloween gives us an excuse to play with our food. Carrots can become fingers while blueberries can take on the look of eyeballs. With a little creativity you can turn ordinary (dare I say sometimes “skipped over”) fruits and vegetables into the star of the show at your next Halloween party. So, think like a kid and bring on the Halloween fun with these spooky, yet perfectly healthy, Halloween “treats.”

Witchy Parsnip Fingers

“I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost Green-Slime” smoothie: Pass this secretly great-for-you smoothie as green slime and watch your Ghostbusters gulp it down.

Monster Fruit Bowl: Clean out a pumpkin and then carve to look like the mouth of a scary monster or goblin. *Carve so that you can fill with diced fruit that appears to be falling out of the mouth onto the table or so that it can be easily scooped out through the mouth.

Carrot Fingers: Find perfectly “imperfect” carrots to create creepy fingers. Place them just right in a bowl and you will have a “handful” of freaky fingers.

Green Goop Guac: This homemade guacamole is loaded with nutrients, but when it’s called “green goop” all the kids with focus on is how perfect it pairs with the creepy carrot fingers.

Spooky eyeballs: Get past the “eek” factor and serve these blueberry eyeballs in a jar for a fun snack that just happens to look like, well…a jar of eyeballs!

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Simple and Festive: With simple alterations, you can change the ordinary into a Halloween treat. Decorate the top of a fruit cup to look like a jack-o-lantern. Or slice bananas in half, insert a popsicle stick, dip in vanilla yogurt and place two mini chocolate chip “eyes” and create a “ghost” (kids will have fun doing this themselves at the party!).

Pumpkin Bites: Made from sweet dates and pumpkin, these little “bites” can easily take on the look of a small goblin when decorated just right.

Candy Corn Parfait: Layer diced pineapple, honeydew and vanilla yogurt in a clear plastic cup for a parfait that resembles the Halloween staple.

“Apple Eyes” are Watching You: Skewer raisin “eyes” onto sliced apples using very small tooth picks or a tiny bit of frosting. Place them on a plate to give the appearance of several eyes watching you.