Super, Simple Smoothies

Breakfast is tough. Many kids don’t want to eat first thing in the morning, and not too many parents are all that excited at the prospect of cooking either. Smoothies might just save the start of your nutritional day. Not only are they packed with micronutrients, if you use the right bases and sources of sweetness, they’ll be low in added fat and sugar as well. By buying frozen fruit or pre-chopping and freezing fresh fruit, smoothies require almost no prep work. Even younger kids can make smoothies with only a little supervision. Best of all, smoothies are basically a nutritious milkshake. What kid would turn that down?

Mixed Fruit Smoothie
This formula works with just about any fruit combination you like. Mix up the juice you add for sweetness with other 100% fruit juices and enjoy a new smoothie every day of the week. (3 Stars)

Green Smoothie
Green Smoothie / Kari Sullivan / CC BY 2.0

Get Your Greens Smoothie
Trouble getting your kids to eat their dark leafy greens at breakfast? Sneak those nutritious superstars into a smoothie and your kids will hardly know they’re there. (3 Stars)

Cranberry Smoothie
To balance the tangy cranberries, this recipe relies on the natural sweetness of bananas. The riper your banana, the sweeter the smoothie. (3 Stars)

Bugs Bunny’s Smoothie
What did the lovable rabbit love best? Three-star carrots. This orange juice and carrot combination is a tasty way to get more vegetables into your kids all day long. (3 Stars)

Wake-Up Smoothie
Low-fat silken tofu provides a soy protein-rich breakfast drink full of berry delicious flavor. Calcium-fortified orange juice gives it an added sweet shot of nutrition. (2 Stars)

Supergirl Summer Smoothie
If you’re not quite ready to admit that summer has fled, you can recapture the taste of sunshine and vacation with this tropical fruit-packed smoothie. (2 Stars)

Strawberry Almond Butter Smoothie
A little protein and healthy fat can go a long way to help your kids concentrate in school. This recipe delivers that hunger-sating duo in a dairy-free smoothie you’ll love. (2 Stars)