Not Your Average Slow Cooker Recipes

As the autumn air starts to turn crisp, there’s nothing more homey and satisfying to coming home from a long day of work and running errands to find a hot, healthy meal waiting for you. Slow cookers are a wonderful solution for eating well in the midst of a busy life. The problem with slow cookers is that many classic slow cooker recipes are high in fat and salt, and worse, if you don’t have a large repertoire, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and tire of your wonderful assistant. This recipe roundup is sure to help with both of those problems.

Vegetable Soup in a Slow Cooker

Chicken Fajitas

1 Guiding StarPerfect for a school night or a celebration, these tasty Tex-Mex fajitas will set your family’s mouths dancing with delight. Be sure to serve with whole-grain tortillas and a side of fresh veggies for a complete meal. (1 Guiding Star)

Plum-Glazed Pork

1 Guiding StarForget dipping greasy pork chops in store-bought applesauce. The savory, fruit-sweetened richness of plums slowly roasted over a lean pork roast will leave your mouth watering. Serve with a side of baked sweet potatoes. (1 Guiding Star)

Stuffed Artichokes

2 Guiding StarsIntimidated by artichokes? Don’t be. This easy-peasy recipe will have you dishing out an elegant appetizer with very little effort. These veggies have never tasted so good. (2 Guiding Stars)

Apple-Spice Oatmeal

1 Guiding StarSteel cut oats are a wonderful, whole-grain way to start the day, and with the help of your slow cooker, you don’t need to get up early to enjoy their nutty, chewy goodness. (1 Guiding Star)

Dijon Brussels Sprouts

3 Guiding StarsDon’t think you like Brussels sprouts? I don’t want to hear it. Not, at least, until you have given this simple, flavorful dish an honest try. It might just change your mind. (3 Guiding Stars)

 Apple Confit

3 Guiding StarsThe key to a good apple confit is thin slices, cooked just long enough. Sweetened with raisin paste, you’ll swear you’re eating a crustless apple pie. (3 Guiding Stars)

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