Healthier Midnight Snacks

What to do you when you get a late night stomach rumble? It’s a common question I get. As are the follow-up questions about digestion, sleep, weight gain and metabolism. Let’s break it down into the best midnight snacks for you.

“I’m up all night.”

Up all night to meet a deadline, working the overnight shift or maybe even awake with a newborn…you need the right snacks to get you through. I suggest starting with a simple combination of complex carbohydrate and protein:

“I just can’t get to sleep.”

We lose sleep for many reasons. Luckily, there are several home remedies you can try that may get your sleep pattern back on track. In fact, the right foods might just be what you need to calm your body and send you on your way to a restful slumber. Grab a cup of calming tea or warm milk and try one of these Guiding Star rated snack options that offer a nutrient known to aid sleep:


  • For Potassium and Magnesium – consume a small baked potato, almonds or a banana
  • For Tryptophan – pair a small potato with a small portion of turkey or try pumpkin seeds or peanuts
  • For Melatonin – go for tomatoes, cherries, grapes or walnuts

“I like to have a snack while I watch TV.”

You don’t necessarily need to eat but you most definitely crave something and want to eat. Go for a low-calorie snack, like one of these options:

“I want to satisfy my sweet tooth.”

Sometimes we just want something sweet…okay, maybe some of us we want it all of the time! Late at night, when your body is calling for something sugary, look for a snack that satisfies the sweet without too much decadence.