Spooky Eyeballs

On a day when people like you and I, despite our better judgment, purposefully cart our children around collecting junk food, here’s a fun way to keep the spirit of healthy living alive tonight. When my children came home and saw these just casually hanging out on the kitchen counter, they were more than a little disturbed…and my kids are not easily impressed by anything I do. But with a few pieces of fruit and about 15 minutes with a paring knife, you’ll have a fun item to share for your Halloween celebration.

Spooky Eyes

 You’ll need:

large red seedless grapes


a nice, sharp paring knife

toothpicks snapped in half


1. Starting from the stem end, begin peeling sections of the grape skin from the flesh. The trick to the “veiny” look is to peel the skin in an outward motion so that it will leave a shredded look toward the base of the grape.

2. Using the tip of the knife, carefully carve out a circular chunk from the stem end of the grape about 1/4″ deep. This will be where you insert the blueberry “iris.”

3. Choose a blueberry that will fit in the hole you’ve just carved, cut it in half across the middle, leaving the blossom end intact, which will simulate the retina of the eyeball.

4. Place the blueberry into the indentation you carved into the grape and insert a toothpick through the middle of the blueberry, pushing until the toothpick is no longer visible.

5. Display your eyeballs in a glass of ice water, fruit juice, or simply lying in a bowl. Prepare for shocked children.