Diabetic-Friendly Celebration Recipes

Spiced Nuts

During the holidays, we gather with friends and family to lavish each other with love…often in the form of food. As much as we all enjoy the sweets this time of year, they can be rough on our systems. That’s true of everyone, but especially true of people with conditions like diabetes who need to watch their food carefully to manage their blood sugar safely. This year, why not show your love by adding in one or two options to help your guests manage their health?

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Thanksgiving Level-Up

Herb Roasted Turkey

Thanksgiving recipes are beloved. For good reason—they’re generally packed with salt, sugar, and fat. We wouldn’t ask anyone to skip a family favorite, but if you’ve got some sides people are more adventuresome with, why not experiment with improving the nutrition profile on one or two? Don’t worry about flavor, either. These recipes all use a little something special to take the nutritious makeover of the family favorites into recipes delicious enough to give the old school faves a run for their money.

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Boxed Lunch

Edamame Salad Wrap

Don’t get stuck thinking inside the lunchbox! Sandwiches and salads are great, but they’re not always the best solution for getting young, easily distracted lunchers eating an energizing meal. Use these idea to mix up the midday meal routine to deliver well-balanced meals that kids will devour.

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Quinoa Granola

Summer is the perfect time to stuff your bag with water and portable snacks to keep you fueled while you hike, bike, and boat to expand your horizons and stretch your body’s abilities. Finding snacks that are full of fiber and protein and low on added sugar can be a challenge, so we’ve gathered a few of our favorites for nutritiously fueling your most active adventures.

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Seafood Season

Fish Tacos with Rhubarb Salsa

When the temperatures are high and the humidity is higher, there’s something wonderfully refreshing about fish fresh off the boat. Whether you love it in a taco or on a salad or grilled to perfection, this is the perfect weather to let your cooking get a little fishy.

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