Nutrition is Love

Mother and baby tossing salad together

I love the word nourish. It covers everything I want food to do for myself and my family. It paints a holistic picture for me of what food should do for the body. Food gives us physical energy. It can speak to us emotionally. And it provides our bodies with the nutrients they need to support health. When I’m in the kitchen, I’m thinking about how each bite is going to meet those needs. Not every bite meets all of those needs, of course, but cooking with Guiding Stars has taught me how to approach our nutrition on balance.

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Remember Your Role in Feeding

Happy family eating a fun weekend breakfast together.

Influencing children’s eating habits is one of the most important roles parents play. Parents establish the environment where the meals take place and decide what food is are served. From positive eating experiences early on, children can develop healthy eating habits later in life. It’s common for parents to feel pressure and uncertainty around their crucial role in the feeding relationship. They might have memorable feeding experiences from their own childhood that influence how they want to parent around food. Perhaps resources like time and money impact decisions for feeding their family. Regardless, parents want what’s best for their children and that includes a healthy relationship with food.

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Love Yourself: Eat Well

Mother and son kneading dough in the kitchen

When I became a mom, it was quickly clear to me that self-care was going to have to come in small ways, if it was going to come at all. I still recall how simple acts like arriving early to places so that I had minutes to myself while my daughter slept in my car were restorative. It was these small but impactful expressions of self-care that guided me then, and still do today, regardless of how stressful or busy life is.

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3 Star Dinners

Fennel-Crusted Salmon on White Beans

When you’re had a busy day, one of the most pleasant ways to transition to an evening at home is to come together for a meal. A dinner that thoughtfully marries nutrition and flavor nourishes us fully. These recipes all earn three Guiding Stars, which means they offer the most nutrition. Each and every one is a delight of taste and texture to bring your family to the table.

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Guiding Stars & Heart Health

Heart-healthy foods shaped into a heart

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Some risk factors for heart disease you cannot control, like your age or family history. Others you can, like your diet and lifestyle. Did you know that the science behind Guiding Stars aligns with many diet recommendations from the American Heart Association? Shopping with the stars is a simple way to shift towards a more heart-healthy diet.

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3 Star Lunches

BLT Pasta Salad

Sandwiches and salads are great lunch options for the sake of convenience. Many of our favorites, however, could use an upgrade to their nutrition. Saturated fat and added salt are often present in cold cuts and salad dressings in large quantities. These lunch recipes all earn 3 Guiding Stars, meaning they offer the best nutrition. Try them out to keep your midday meals packed with the nutrients your body needs.

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