Guiding Stars & National Nutrition Month

Close up of a smiling woman in a kitchen looking at fruits

It’s National Nutrition Month® (NNM)! This year’s theme, “Personalize Your Plate” highlights that we are all unique with different nutrition needs, diet goals, and cultural backgrounds that guide our food choices. These differences can be honored while still following a healthy diet. Guiding Stars, which embraces a variety of foods while guiding you toward nutrient dense options, partners perfectly with this year’s NNM theme.

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Better Green Beans

Garlicky Green Beans

Rubbery, squeaky, or mushy. Those are the dreaded descriptors that but many people off green beans. At their best, however, green beans can be crunchy, snappy, and crispy. They add green to your plate, and green is a color many of us could stand to eat a little more of. Let’s talk about two techniques to improve your green bean game.

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Better Brussels Sprouts

Spicy Asian Brussels Sprouts

The first thing to understand about the bad reputation of Brussels sprouts is that it used to be deserved. Farmers have been working hard, however, to develop varietals that taste better, which is one reason they’re experiencing something of a Renaissance. They can still be tricky to work with for textural and flavor reasons. When they come out well, however, they’re worth the effort

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Love is Shakshuka

Baked Potato Shakshuka

Shakshuka is not a well-known dish in all parts of the U.S. I only learned about it from a little cafe in Philadelphia when I was traveling for a conference a few years ago. I fell in love immediately and started looking for variations for Guiding Stars. For me, discovering new dishes from different cultures is a small and delicious reminder of the richness diversity brings to our lives.

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Guiding Good

Juice boxes on a conveyor belt

Guiding Stars simplifies selecting a healthy choice for supermarket shoppers. We provide at-a-glance star ratings for both national and store brand products – on shelf tags, on packaging for store brands and online. Behind the scenes, the program also supports grocery retailers to create a more healthy and equitable food system. Let me explain some ways in which we do this.

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