Nourishing Food

How are you asking food to nourish you? Are you eating to fill space or to fight boredom? Kit Broihier and Allison Stowell offer advice on how to think about your eating choices to make sure you’re eating for the right reasons…and how to think through whether your food choices are adding to the way your support your body’s needs throughout the day.

How are you asking food to nourish you?

If you’re inclined to eat “sometimes” foods like desserts to meet non-food needs like boredom or distraction from stress, step back and think how those sweeter foods can fit into your overall food needs for the days. These recipes are sweetly satisfying and also provide you with the nutritional benefits of their primary ingredients: fruit.

Tip: For a light, fruit-centered snack, keep smoothie portions small. If your smoothie needs to function more like a mini-meal, consider tossing in a generous handful (about a cup) of dark, leafy greens like spinach or kale and topping it with an ounce of nuts for crunch, protein and healthy fat.

This audio clip is part of a series on mindful eating captured as part of our preparation for our Mindful Meals webinar. For more tips on mindfulness, watch the free webinar or listen to more clips from this audio series.