More Nutritious Desserts

Who doesn’t love a sweet little something to cap off a light dinner, or to keep them going during the afternoon slump? The trick to enjoy your sweets, of course, is to keep added sugar low and including the protein, fiber and heart-healthy fats that will keep you full and satisfied. This set of desserts is designed to taste luxurious while still adding to your overall nutrition for the day.

Frozen Yogurt Bark

Chocolate Avocado Frosting

3 Guiding StarsWhat’s that, you say? A frosting that I won’t feel guilty for eating by the spoonful? Yes and please. Bonus: Try it with our Chocolate Beet Cupcakes. (3 Guiding Stars)

Pina Colada Pudding Pops

3 Guiding StarsPineapple? Check. Coconut? Check. Frosty goodness? Check. For older audiences, swap the vanilla for rum extract and you’ll have an instant pool party hit. (3 Guiding Stars)

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

2 Guiding StarsOur food editor offers the following review: “OM NOM NOM NOM NOM.” The only challenge with these noshables is to respect a reasonable serving size. (2 Guiding Stars)

Cherry Cobbler

2 Guiding StarsWhole grains and fruit co-star in a pleasing number that will romance your tastebuds. If fresh cherries aren’t available, frozen work well, which is a great time save too. (2 Guiding Stars)

Apple-Date Torte

2 Guiding StarsThis protein-packed spin on apple pie is sweetened only with dates to make sure your sugar comes loaded with nutrients your body actually needs. (2 Guiding Stars)

Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt Cookies

1 Guiding StarShow your lunchbox some lemony love with these cute-as-buttons little soft cookies. You’ll savor the mid-day pickup. (1 Guiding Star)

Frozen Yogurt Bark

1 Guiding StarSweet, simple and providing 9 grams of protein per serving, this treat can also be easily tailored to your tastes by playing with the combination of berries and nuts. (1 Guiding Star)