Nutrition Labeling: The Inside Story

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It may not surprise you that when it comes to our food, many of us want and need guidance. Front of package (FOP) labels are attempting to better inform consumers by putting certain details on the front of food packaging for easy viewing. This saves shoppers time and makes the facts about a product as clear as possible for individuals who don’t have time to read every label.

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Naturally, I’m in favor of nutrition guidance programs that offer individuals the opportunity to increase the number of healthful foods making it into their home. It may not surprise you that I am also in favor of simple to use programs like Guiding Stars, which can be easily understood by individuals young and old regardless of background and has been shown to improve shopping habits.

The conversation about nutrition labeling will no doubt grow and become more interesting in the coming months and years, as the FDA explores a new front of package label that will standardize what customers see when they are shopping for foods. Questions remain about what information to include and how consumers will know how to use it.

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