Partner Webinar: How to Integrate Guiding Stars into Supermarket Tours

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According to the CDC, many consumers have difficulty interpreting Nutrition Facts labels. Guiding Stars provides a simple way to find the most nutritious choices and speed up your grocery shopping trip. The program uses product labels and ingredients to offer an at-a-glance tool, visible on the price tag, that guides you toward more nutritious options. At stores offering Guiding Stars, items feature a star-rating system that showcases “good”, “better,” and “best” choices. This 30-minute webinar is a valuable tool to demonstrate how you can successfully integrate Guiding Stars into a supermarket tour.

During this webinar, we will:

  • Provide a brief overview of Guiding Stars and how it works
  • Explain Guiding Stars ratings in key departments
  • Share simple tips to customize tours to a specific audience
  • Highlight helpful resources for questions that come up in your tours

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