Gluten Free Outside the Gluten-Free Aisle

People often ask for me for guidance on how to spot gluten-free foods that are good (better or best!) for them. For some, the transition to gluten-free foods feels like a move toward foods that are more processed or less healthful. I am quick to highlight the many fresh and naturally gluten-free foods that our found throughout the produce, meat, seafood and dairy departments. Shop in these departments and you are likely to find many healthful items.

I do recognize, however, that the more confusing part lies within the aisles. With that in mind, I offer you a list of some foods that can be found throughout your supermarket. They may not be located in the gluten-free section, but they are gluten free. By the way…they earn Guiding Stars too!

Here you go…

Add a little flavor…

Carol Shelby’s White Chicken Chili Kit (3 Guiding Stars)
Stonehouse 27 Tamarind and Garlic Cooking Sauce (1 Guiding Star)

Pair it with a starch…

Lundberg Mediterranean Curry Roasted Brown Rice Couscous (1 Guiding Star)
Lundberg Plain Original Brown Rice Couscous (2 Guiding Stars)
Lundberg Short Grain Brown Rice, Heats in 90 Seconds (2 Guiding Stars)
La Tortilla Factory Ivory Teff Wrap (1 Guiding Star)
Thai Kitchen Vermicelli-Style Thin Rice Noodles (1 Guiding Star)
Ancient Harvest Quinoa (3 Guiding Stars)

And a side of soup….

Imagine Light in Sodium Creamy Harvest Corn Soup (2 Guiding Stars)
Imagine Light in Sodium Creamy Garden Broccoli Soup (2 Guiding Stars)
Amy’s Organic Golden Lentil Soup (1 Guiding Star)
Kettle Cuisine Angus Beef Steak Chili with Beans (1 Guiding Star)

Meat free but full of protein….

Nasoya Lite Firm Tofu (2 Guiding Stars)
Stonyfield Farm Oikos Non-fat Greek Yogurt, all varieties (Plain only, 3 Guiding Stars)

360: Tortilla chips
Tortilla Chips / Denise Mattox / CC BY 2.0

Sometimes we just want a crunchy snack…

Baked Lays (1 Guiding Star)
Cape Cod Potato Chips (1 Guiding Star)
Food Should Taste Good Potato or Tortilla Chips (1-2 Guiding Stars)
Wild Riceworks Sea Salt and Black Sesame (1 Guiding Star)

And something to dip your snack into…

Wholly Guacamole, 3-100 Calorie Servings (2 Guiding Stars)
Joseph’s Hummus (1 Guiding Star)

If you want Italian…

Better Bread Company Fresh Vegetable Pizza (1 Guiding Star)
Francesco Rinaldi, No Salt Added Traditional Pasta Sauce (2 Guiding Stars)
Vito Marcello’s Puttanesca Sauce (2 Guiding Stars)
Deboles Gluten Free Lasagna Noodles (2 Guiding Stars)

If you are in the mood to bake or want something a little sweet…

Bob’s Mill Flours: Almond, Garbanzo Bean, Brown Rice (2 Guiding Stars)
Van’s Waffles, Blueberry (2 Guiding Stars)
Barbara’s Puffins Honey Rice Cereal (1 Guiding Star)
Sunbutter Natural Sunflower Seed Spread (3 Guiding Stars)
Larabars, all types (1-2 Guiding Stars)
Hannaford Brand, Nature’s Place All Natural Fruit Twists, all flavors (2 Guiding Stars)