Attack of the Cookie Monster

Fighting Off the Temptation of Endless Christmas Cookies

Unlike Thanksgiving, Christmas is celebrated for weeks. Holiday parties, school events and more mean just one thing…cookies. Before you know it, this “sometimes” food  is around every day. If we aren’t careful, we can almost forget that we aren’t supposed to indulge every day.You simply need a defense or a way of fighting off the attack of the cookie monster. I’ve got you covered with a plan for helping you put down the cookie.

20 Minute Applesauce Cookies

1. Is it unique and special… the recipe you have been waiting for all year?

It is so easy to grab a cookie when it is offered to you but if you take a moment to ask yourself if it is a cookie you actually really like then you may find that you can pass on one or two.

2.  Is the cookie “setting” worthy?

Are you at your desk at work or a gathering with friends or family?  If the cookie moment isn’t going to be memorable then pass. When you are enjoying a relaxing holiday dinner, you will be happy you didn’t already “splurge” in the middle of your work day.

3. Go with the best and skip the rest.

Does your day include a family event at school followed by a party for your child’s sports team and then an evening cookie exchange? If so, then you need a plan for not overdoing it.  When possible, encourage party planners to make their holiday parties more about fun and less about food. Either way, bring fresh fruit or another snack to help you pass on the sweets. Oh and remember that eating the remainder of your child’s cookie still counts toward your calories for the day (even if it’s eaten off their plate).

4. Whenever possible, create cookies that only taste decadent.

Try Guiding Star rated recipes such as these for Lemon-Blueberry Yogurt, Sweet Potato , Applesauce cookies or these sweet treats.  You may also be able to modify a recipe you already have with these tips for baking with fruits and vegetables in place of fat.

5. By all means…don’t keep them where you can see them!

The last place you should keep your cookies is on your counter or within reach. Store them in a cool, dry place and quickly freeze what doesn’t get served or enjoyed within a few days of the holidays. Your frozen cookies will allow you to still enjoy a bit of the holidays many months later.

Lastly, remember that stress, fatigue and other factors may make it hard for you to pass on cookies and other sweet treats. Learn how to deal with these and other holiday challenges with our holiday survival kit.