Rules for a Fun Family Dinner

Knife sharpening
Knife Sharpening / David Davies / CC BY 2.0

What makes dinner go smoothly in your house? The section of Jenny Rosenstrach’s Dinner: A Lover Story shared by Reader’s Digest is a fun little look into one family’s approach to dinner. I particularly liked these:

“4. Improvising with herbs or vinegars? Yes. Improvising with baking soda or baking powder? No.”

“15. As far as I can tell, instructing your children to ‘Please, Dear Lord, use your napkins’ every night for ten straight years is not the best way to get your children to use napkins.”

“16. It’s counterintuitive, but the sharpest knife is the safest knife.”

What little rules make your family dinners a happier, smoother experience?