Summerlicious Berries

The bounty of berry season is upon us! Once you’ve had your fill of berries au natural, you might be hankering for a few new and interesting ways to try berries. Nothing is tastier than a pie or jam, but there are less sugary ways to enjoy these fruity gems. Here are a few easy, delicious ideas.

Wild berries
Wild Berries / Yuri Levchenko / CC BY 2.0
  • Sprinkled over your favorite salad, such as our Toasted Quinoa Salad (3 Guiding Stars)
  • On toast instead of jam (your kids will have a blast mashing them up with a fork!)
  • Swapped for the cranberries in our Pork Tenderloin with Cranberry Salsa (1 Guiding Star)
  • Layered with Greek yogurt and granola for a breakfast parfait
  • Spread wheat cracker with cream cheese and top with a few berries
  • Whirled into a breakfast smoothie
  • Warmed and served in or on pancakes, such as our gluten-free Buckwheat Pancakes (2 Guiding Stars)
  • Mixed into oatmeal
  • Added to lemonade (let them sit overnight for the best flavor)
  • Mashed for PB&J al fresco

These are just a few healthy ideas for savoring your berry harvest this summer. What are your favorite berries and how do YOU enjoy them?